The Social Project

Hey Guys:

Second post of the day, but this one will likely be a short and sweet one. What do you mean “yay!”?

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned a project that I wanted to start, which was as of then untitled. It related to social problems, including but not limited to inequality and discrimination. I wanted you guys to get involved by writing posts about issues that you’re aware of, that directly or indirectly affect you or that you feel strongly about.

The interest in this project was, to me, unbelievable, and so I thank you all for treating this project with an open mind. With over 15 interested bloggers, each prepared to write guest posts for the blog on a specific topic, I’ve opted to have one guest post each week. Each post will tackle one problem in society, and will be posted on a Tuesday.
Why Tuesday?
Because Tuesday’s really don’t get enough love, if you ask me.
And if you don’t believe me, ask Tuesday.

Ah, and now for the big reveal. Yes, you guessed it, the project name…
All Around us – The Social Project

How’s that? Like it? Sure?

So, All around Us will be officially starting on Tuesday 08 March, and will then proceed with weekly guest posts. If you haven’t signed up but still wish to get involved, I’m more than willing for you to get in touch. You can leave a comment here, or on the original post, which you can find
Right Here
Or you can email me at

So, I hope you’re looking forward to this project – I certainly am. I really want to raise awareness for social injustices, and to allow you guys to get involved both with raising awareness and with my blog!


26 thoughts on “The Social Project

    1. #StandUpForTuesdays – thanks for your kind words about the project. The name just fitted the theme, I think, and it’s true – social issues are All Around Us.

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  1. Hey! I got your email and everything, but I am still slightly confused as to what we’re meant to write about? xx


    1. Drop me an email back with what you would like to write about… Just any issue in society that you feel strongly about. I will let you know if someone has already done it

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