Oh, Hello Again

Hey Guys:

I’m here – It’s OK, remain calm. Sorry for not posting yesterday; I was trying to finish some work and prepare for today [which I will tell you about very shortly].

In fact, I will tell you about it now…

My regular readers…
Ok, stop right there. “Regular readers” makes me sound far too popular [which i’m not], and I don’t even know if I have regular readers… Is that a thing?
…Will know that I have been doing some stuff for the radio recently, which is all very exciting and wildly out of my comfort zone. Well, new developments, my friends: L is bound for TV success.
Yes, you read that correctly: Today, I’m being filmed for a news piece, which i’ll finish filmng next week in London.
Like, what is going on in my life anymore?
I’m confused…
But confused…

And shit TV camera man is arriving at my house in less than 30 minutes! Oh my god this is stressful and what if I laugh awkwardly at him or say something weird like “Special Snowflake”?

So that’s happening…

in other news, I need to think of a topic for my English speech. i’m currently thinking either disability rights or LGBT rights. I thought as well that I could perhaps talk about feminism [yes, male feminist at your service], but I’m not sure how many others will also choose that. Although it is an all-boys school [I hate it as much as you think I do], so maybe…

Anyway, must prepare for posh TV dude. what if he’s like proper posh, and then there’s me, common as muck? Shit it’s scary but it’ll be OK, and I’ll tell you all about it later.

OOOOOOOH, also, I thought maybe on Monday I’d make a new voice recording for you guys, because Monday is the day that I’m doing all the radio recording and TV filming, so I could make like a audio journal of my day… You know, a bit on the tube, a bit when I arrive etc…
Just a thought…


28 thoughts on “Oh, Hello Again

  1. I hope it goes well! I have to do a English speech soon as well, and I think I’m going to talk about discrimination against people with tattoos and piercings!

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