Stressed Out

Hey Guys:

How are you? Sorry for not posting yesterday; work got on top of me, and I just had to work flat out to finish everything.

I wanted to talk about stress. I don’t particularly like talking about this, but I’ve noticed that my school have been increasing both the workload and the pressure on me to complete it. I wonder if this is a universal thing; is there generally just more pressure in school now? Regardless, especially over the last week or so, my stress levels have gone higher than they have been in the last year or so, and it’s scary.

I hate feeling stressed. I get a tight feeling in my stomach, my heart rate goes through the roof, I involuntarily start to cry and the pressure in my head increases dramatically, resulting in me not being able to even think my way through things. Last night, for example, I had to prepare two speaking exams: one for English, the other for French. They’re both going to be graded, and will impact my end of year grade, and ultimately my sets for next year. That in itself stressed me out, but not having either of them prepared [because I was ill when they did them in school, and was only told about them on Monday, for Wednesday] just added to all of that, and made me lose it.

Last night, I had a bit of a breakdown. I just ended up on my bedroom floor, in tears, hating myself for being in that position. I hated myself both for being on the floor crying, but also for not doing the work, because I was in the middle of some kind of breakdown. I was sick everywhere, I physically couldn’t move and all I could really do was vomit and cry. That probably lasted for about half-an-hour, from beginning to end, and you know what? I got up afterwards and went straight back to the thing that had started the whole episode. That either proves pure stupidity on my part, or extreme pressure from my school, the latter being the option I presume to be the case.

Stress usually leaves me sleepless too, which of course just adds to my list of problems. Who can sleep when they’re quite literally worried sick about things? And even worse, if you ask me, is the knowledge that I’ll spend all day at school today, to come home to the thing that sent me into that yesterday, which I haven’t been able to finish yet. I would ask for my deadline on one of the tests to be extended, but I’m too scared of being judged by my teacher – them thinking that I’m too lazy to do the work, or not dedicated enough.

I’m sorry for the depressing nature of this; I needed to get this out. The whole post is completely unstructured, really, and I’m sorry about that too.


32 thoughts on “Stressed Out

  1. gosh, that sounds horrible. Stress can get really overwhelming sometimes, in which case sometimes the best thing to do is take a break, however short that break may be. Just getting away from the stress, going for a walk or something, is better than letting it build sometimes. hope you’re alright now. xx

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  2. Stress is horrible. I feel like everyone in my school just feels stress for pretty much this whole school year. The teachers just seem to be adding more work without a care, thinking we can complete so much in so little time.
    I break down quite often, usually when talking to my parents about how stressful school is. All of my friends, we’re good students, get straight A’s, and we’re all worrying about how the stress is killing us now and how the heck we’ll survive high school, college, jobs, and the rest of life! It’s ridiculous how much work we’re given per night. And I get mad at myself for crying, then I get mad at myself for not doing work (because I’m ranting and because I’m just not motivated).
    All this stress results in lack of sleep and lots of mood swings. I’m usually grumpy most of the day, and I just don’t have high tolerance for anything. I can officially say I hate school with a passion now, the stress is too high.
    But don’t worry, we’re all pushing through this, and we’ll make it to the end, no matter how hard things get. I really wish the teachers would understand, but arguing with them (in my case) would only result in being given more work for complaining. I wish you the best in persevering through the stress, and I’ll stick by you, because trust me, I’m going through some major stress right now.
    Wow, I said stress a lot. xD

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    1. Wow, you did say stress a lot! I totally feel your pain, although I feel like I’m the only one at school stressing. Everyone else just seems to breeze through school, working 5 hours a night without a single complaint, and then there’s me who quite simply can’t cope. Teachers pile on work like there’s no tomorrow, and it’s just way too much for me to deal with. The lack of sleep? I completely and utterly sympathise with you there; I’m so tired 100% of the time these days, which is a nightmare for school and homework, because by the time I get home from school all I want is a comfy bed and hot chocolate 😛

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      1. Aw, hopefully the stress goes away! There’s tons of people at my school who don’t even try, yet they still get 100 (and by not try, I mean they’re work is super messy and not completed) which is really annoying because the people who DO try don’t even get extra credit. I work so hard, and sometimes my teacher marks me off for doing TOO MUCH. I always go to bed past 12 (due to homework) and never seem to be fully awake at school. Ugh, the workload is just so much, but we’re not superhumans… just ordinary students in the middle of teenage-hood, trying to figure out life and still succeed in school.

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      2. I absolutely hate people who don’t do any work, and yet somehow managed to pass exams. No, not just pass them; get top grades in them. And then the rest of us just struggle along…

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      3. It really sucks when I put so much effort into my work when someone else puts in less than half as much the effort I did, yet we both get the same grade. For example, if I spend a lot on a writing assignment and write 3 pages, when another person writes maybe 3/4 a page, they’ll still get an A+ but I’ll get the same grade, even though I wrote more and spent more time on it. It’s just ridiculous, like, I shouldn’t even try anymore. -.-

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      4. Exactly; I mean, in no way am I trying to be horrible, but if you were to write an extra 2 1/4 pages of complete rubbish, or just waffle, then I get it. But that’s not what we do; we try harder, but the extra effort and research in, and what do we get? Absolutely nothing.

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  3. You know stress is a very difficult thing to handle but not the impossible one! It mostly comes at that time when you don’t want it to . I break down really very easily as well but then try to stay calm and think of all the good things. At these times, stress in no big and bad than me ! It can’t stress me out. Seriously this helps as well . Try it saying!!! 🙂 🙂 Take care !!!!

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  4. Stress sucks. It might be a good idea to take a short break, just to clear your mind so it doesn’t build up too much. I wish you the best of luck! We’re all here for you. 🙂

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  5. Believe me, stressing out over school is pretty universal. And no one would ever blame you for being stressed out about the amount of work you have. I’m sorry that you’re feeling the way you are now. But don’t worry, once you’re done with everything, it’ll be the best feeling in the world. Keep your chin up:)

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  6. Stress is awful. What you described is almost exactly what I’m feeling and going through right now. But just keep running, and never, never give up. Take a break, take time to yourself, get your mind off it, then come back with guns blazing. We’ll get through this together hey 🙂 x

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  7. it might be an universal thing because I’m feeling all kinds of stress lately and it doesn’t seem to be dialing down .
    And I’m so sorry that it’s hitting you that bad , I didn’t know it could be like that at all . I can’t say I am stress enough to vomit but I do find myself breaking down for no reason at all more often than ever and I hate that part of me because I don’t like showing my emotions at all .
    I’m sorry you’re going trough this and hopefully it gets better .
    stay strong and hold on 😀

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