February Favourites

Hey Guys:

Oh my God, I’ve never done a favourites post before. I kind of thought it was something primarily for YouTubers, but I’ve seen a couple of bloggers doing it, and thought I might give it a shot. I’m going to go over my favourites in a range of categories, based on what I was aliking [sounds better than just liking] in the month of le February.

I am OBSESSED with the [at time of writing] most recent BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, where Halsey performs New Americana, and her cover of The Sound by The 1975. This performance… I mean, I’ve obviously already got Halsey fans super excited, because she’s already ridiculously famous, but in the Live Lounge… It’s unbelievable. You have to check it out, even if you’re not a huge Halsey fan, or haven’t really heard of her before. I liked the song New Americana before, and now I love it more!

Throwback alert: I’m really into Popular Song. It’s by Mika and Ariana Grande, and I love the music here, abut also love the kind of cool-kid attitude to the song. It’s kind of so-not-me-but-I-wish-it-was-me music, if you know what I mean.
I’m also really in love with the new Foxes album, All I need. By the looks of things, so is the rest of the world; Twitter and iTunes reviews are, on the whole, unbelievably positive. I liked her first album, but wasn’t obsessed – good effort, not awful. They always say about the tough-second-album; not in the case of Foxes.
I tried to pick a favourite song for you guys, and have opted for Scar, although there are so many great songs on the album. I’ve linked to the best video I could find, with the best audio quality, because she hasn’t [but should] releasd it as a single… yet. It tells of a time when she was in love with someone who frankly didn’t love her back; just listen to it. You will fall in love with it, just as I did.

I’m really into celebrity autobiographies right now, and I don’t even know why. More specifically, autobiographies written by comedians. Maybe the part of me that really wants to become a comedian is finally taking me over, one step at at time…
Spectacles, by Sue Perkins is my book of the month [new award, just invented]. No, seriously though, it tells so many true, funny, enlightening and relateable stories, it’s just amazing. I read it on Audible, where it’s narrated by the author, and it’s great to hear her get into the life-stories she’s telling.

I don’t think I’d usually include this section, but come on, I can’t ignore this…
facebook, at least here in the UK, have rolled out Reactions. Now, in addition to liking a post on Facebook, we can react to it, with Love, Haha, wow, Sad or Angry. I’m sorry, but isn’t this a brilliant idea? Like, it allows you to say so much more without saying anything. It gives you that empathy element that Facebook [and other social media, I add] has lacked for… well, forever now.

I hope you enjoyed this; thought it’d be something different


14 thoughts on “February Favourites

    1. It is literally the best when the author of the book, especially am autobiography, is also the narrator. The way they tell the stories of their life really brings it to life… I used the word life way too much there. And a happy March to you too 🙂

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  1. THAT HALSEY LIVE LOUNGE WAS AMAZING, RIGHT?! I watched it almost as soon as I saw it on my Twitter because QUEEN

    Also, I really liked this! You should do more! (If you want, of course)

    Elly x

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  2. Girrrrrrrl !
    I love popular song ! First song I actually care of learning fully because it was so catchy and I love the concept of the music video too . Such a kick ass song.
    ps. you’re like pudge from ‘looking for Alaska’ except he’s obssessed with famous last words and you’re obsessed with comedic autobiography 😀

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