It’s OK, I’m Alive

Hey Guys:

How are you? I’m OK, and feeling very bad for my [relatively] long disappearance from the Bloggosphere. It’s alright though, because I am alive – don’t panic!

A few shorter points today, if that’s alright with you… It is? Fantastic!

1.] Yesterday, on the way back from sports training, the assistance person [who helps me get around the station at which they are based, makes sure I get on the train and calls ahead for someone to meet me at my next changing point/destination] put me on the quiet carriage. those who know me will know that I’m a fairly chatty person, and those who don’t know me will know that I’m a fairly chatty person. Putting me in the quiet carriage [which for international readers is basically what it says on the tin: a train carriage where you have to be quiet] is, to me, an insult of the highest degree. I was fuming, so much so that I moved out of the quiet carriage, making sure to perform an appropriately angry dance routine upon my departure.

2.] Is it just me who experiences that awkward moment when getting off a train [I promise the train situations will end soon], and it hasn’t quite pulled into the station yet, and you don’t know which side the doors will open? I mean, being blind, I have this problem regardless of whether the train has pulled in or not, but, like, which way are you meant to face? You don’t dare face a door for fear of it being the wrong one, and having to do a 180 spin to alight from the train. Facing forwards, however, with one door on either sie of you makes you look like you’re just super indecisive, and also block the way for anyone moving up the train, to the loo for example. Awkward…

3.] In a coffee shop, is it just me who, when on their own, feels that they have to explain their drink decision out loud, for reasons unknown to anyone? So, when i’m in the line to get a drink, I’m just like:
“I could have the vanillalatte, but I really fancy the hot chocolate… OOOOOH, but the peach iced lemonade also looks amazing…”
And then, when finally reaching the counter, I’ll say:
“just an Americano, please.”

4.] Again, in the coffee shop, is it just me who does their best to look healthy? I mean, if you do end up ordering the hot chocolate, and they say:
“would you like cream and” or “marshmallows with that Sir?”
you have to refuse, with that same smile on your face which reads: “I’m trying to be halthy”.
I’m ordering a bloody hot chocolate – CHOCOLATE -, and trying to be halthy??? It’s a freaking coffee shop; it’s practically impossible to be healthy, short of ordering tap water, and even that has hundreds of chemicals in it! Just have the cream and accept your inner unhealthiness!

5.] I couldn’t help but wonder yesterday what I’ll think when I come back and read these posts in, say, 10 years time. I mean, now I think I’ll come back and laugh at my younger self, but I wonder if, as an adult, these same oddities will still exist in my personality.
*I just accidentally wrote personalities; there is only one of me, promise.*
Will coffee shops still be a nightmare?
Will trains still be scarily awkward?
Will the side of me which I affectionately call L still be there, or will it too have been taken from me by the adult-focused society in which we live?

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I am sorry for my absence once again. Myybe you agree with some of these points, or have similar ones of your own? and I’d love to know what you have to say in regards to 5; let me know!


39 thoughts on “It’s OK, I’m Alive

  1. #3! Yes! Like, people gave me strange looks why I bought a flavor of coffee they’re unfamiliar with and it feels like ‘Do I need to lecture you for you to understand my choice?’

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    1. That is the story of my life. Once I’ve figured out which side of the train the doors are going to open on, I always cower on the other side, allowing someone else to both open the doors and get off before me. This is in the hope that they trip and fall, so that when I do it, it’s not so funny. I’ve now just realised that I have just said that I hope for people to fall over; I am an evil person.

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  2. We don’t ride the train as often in America… in fact, I don’t think I’ve been on a train for years. xD And #5, I totally question how I would react to my past self in 10 year. Not only with blogging, but drawings and events, and whatnot, I can’t help but wonder if all this, everything I find exciting now, would just seem childish and odd when I grow up. xP

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