Multiple worlds, or Just Life?

Hey guys:

Hoping you’re well, awake and full of life – I certainly am, although that probably has something to do with the two coffees I’ve already drank, and it’s only 06:40… Oops!

I was thinking this morning about different worlds. Not worlds as in science; that’s beyond my intellectual ability at the moment [and likely always will be]. No, I mean worlds as in the worlds in which we live our lives.
Let me explain…
You know when you have those two friends, or groups of friends, who you’re equally close to, but who should nevr mix or meet one another under any circumstances whatsoever? You know, those ones that make birthday party planning an absolute nightmare? Yeah, they’re the kind of worlds I’m talking about. Or, in a blogging example, there’s the blogging world, or the Bloggosphere, and then there’s the misleadingly titled Real world, deceiving as it implies that the Bloggosphere is in some way imaginary.

I was just thinking about how we divide ourselves up into these worlds, placing pieces of ourselves in each. why do we keep certain aspects of our lives separate from one another? Does that make us bad people? I don’t think so; it enables us to show different sides of ourselves to different types of people. some would say, especially as I’m an anonymous blogger, that I’m hiding away from reality, not taking responsibility for my words and ideas.
I respect this opinion, and can see why people would think that way, but personally, I disagree. Anonymous blogging allows me to build my confidence, by saying what I want to say without a fear of personal judgement, whilst allowing readers to read my posts with an open mind and no prejudices.

Still, I ask myself, would it not be better to live in one world, where everything is together, and there are no divides? Already, I just shook my head instinctively, because I know that it would not be better. Different worlds allow me to be myself, and although that doesn’t seem true, it is. Sure, I’m different with each group of people – different in each world. But I’m me, because no one has just one side. Everyone has multiple aspects to their personality, and it’s impossible to display these to everyone all the time. Frankly, people wouldn’t like it. by blogging and living in the Real World [excuse me whilst I vomit at that term], I can provide an output for all of my views, personality traits and characteristics.

This post probably makes very little sense; i’m not too sure. Do you know what I mean? are you the same, whether it be with friends or with blogging and the “real World”? Let me know – likeminded people will reassure me that I’m not alone here. Maybe you think it’s best to live in one world – I want to hear from you too!


41 thoughts on “Multiple worlds, or Just Life?

    1. Precisely, but I choose alternative ways of expressing myself in each individual world. It just makes more sense, and allows me to explore different output methods. Doesn’t make me a fake person, it makes me a person with a range of characteristics

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  1. In the real world, U have these friends (you can divide them into three groups) and they hate each other. I am crazy with some, sophisticated with some and some. I only give away pieces of myself. So yes, I know what you mean. Here, I’m me. The whole me and I love that about blogging

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      1. I can’t discern if that was a joke, so I’m sorry. P.S. our conversation line was quite funny and wierd. Yeah.. Pretty sure I’d laugh again

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      2. I do.. My mum thinks sarcasm is being rude and just to warm her up to the idea I bought a sweatshirt that said “Sarcastic comment loading.. Please wait.” I find it confusing to be sarcastic in print form. You can’t use a “tone” for it

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  2. Ive always separated certain aspects of my life. Blogging is one, Instagram and vine stuff is another and of course, reality.
    I feel as if I can really express myself on here to an extant, and I won’t be judged or questioned for it because nobody really knows me in real life from from (well apart from one person) and I like to keep it that way. I definitely get what you mean

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      1. Well, you could always expand yourself. Like for instance I have a Phan account on Instagram, which lets you express yourself further. So like whatever fandom you associate with the most make like a tumblr or something

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      2. I heavily rely on Twitter for this, as it allows me to give my thoughts in a quick and sharp method, along with being able to share articles and such. Being blind, Instagram is okay for sharing, but not for connecting with readers; similar with tumblr

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  3. I get what you mean! I’ve never though about it that way, but it’s very true. I use (use?) my aspects of life in different ways than you do, but still in a similar manner.

    I’ve always been that funny, positive one but to blogging I’ve brought a new, funny, positive side to me. My friends have been with me for a long time, so they only understand one funny, positive side of me but as I’ve grown, I’ve developed my funny and positive side but my friends would never understand it, so I use my new and positive side in the blogging world and stay “normal” to my friends. My friends are so judgmental sometimes, they have no sense of style (not the fashion style, but like personal style if you know what I mean? Like for example, different singing styles and different voices. If I put a little style in my voice and don’t sing it the “normal” way, they’ll be like “why the heck do you sing like that” and it breaks mah heart ;-;)

    Sorry this comment was so long. And sorry I said “funny and positive” a million times.

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  4. You are certainly not alone with this! I used to think that I was being “fake” or “not real” because I acted differently with different people, but then I realized that that’s normal. I was not being a fake, different person. I was just being me, but a different side of me. People have different sides to them and that’s what makes them such interesting beings.

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  5. Totally! I feel like the blogging world and the real world are separate for me, because I can be a lot more open with bloggers, yet more interactive with real life friends. Sure, as much as I’d like the worlds to interlock, sometimes I just feel like my friends would think I’m weird for blogging (and I wouldn’t want them to find out some of the posts are about them). I can’t really describe the feeling, but it’s just so odd for me to think of my blogging world and real life mixing together.

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