Hey Guys:

Another award post? so soon? Yeah, I know… but I was nominated, and I’m bored, and it’s late [verging on early], and I like doing these.

i’d like to thank
for the nomination; appreciated muchly!

•Tag your post under “dearfuturemetag”.
•Write a letter to yourself to read again (and answer if you want) in one year.
•Nominate a couple of other bloggers.

Here we go, then – let the letter, begin!

Dear Moi:
Are you still as weird as you were a year ago? I presume you will be, because you always have been, and always will be, most likely. I really hope that you [or should I say we?] have improved the use of commas, because I’m currently a bit shit at that, although in English exams, I’m suddenly very good at them.
You’re in Year 10, and well into your GCSE courses now. What are they like? Has science and/or maths got any better, or is it a losing battle from here? And how about English, History and French – do you still like them, and are you any good at them any more?
I wonder what friends you have now? Are they still the same as last year, or have times changed now? As I write this, we’re currently going through the best-friend-who-I-hated-but-made-up-with situation, and have just created that mental not-flying bird WhatsApp group. Remember, with the people from blind camp?
I wonder if you’ve found a solid group of friends at school yet. Like, proper ones, who are as good as your ones outside of school. I guess not, because nothing can compare to the friendship that I currently have with people outside of school; I finally feel like I fit in with a group, with people who I care about, trust and who care about me. I hope you still have those friends, because I think that they’re some of the most valuable people you’ll ever have in your lives: genuine and fun, sincere and caring.
What’s the family situation like right now? Is there still a lot of shouting, or what? Have you decided whether to move out to college in September 2018? what is the parents views on this?
This has all been very full of questions, so I suppose I should remind you of where we are right now. I am still involved with blind camp, and got back from one on Friday. I’m obsessed with minions, music from the Noughties and The Ellen show. I’m about to do a Radio 4 interview in a couple of weeks – how does that go, by the way?
I hope this was interesting, and was worth your time. I can’t wait for your response, but I have to… Shame.

Nominations? Really, I have to do this? Like, name people?
anyone who is reading this is nominated, because there’s just too many people to name – it’d be longer than the letter itself!


15 thoughts on “Letters

  1. Wait… Let me get this straight… You’re in year 9?! I honestly thought you were older (haha not trying to insult you or anything, it just feels weird) and I’m year 9 too so it’s like “there is another young-ish blogger person yay” because I hardly ever find anyone who is, like, ACTUALLY my age.
    Also, this letter thing is really cool. I hope everything does go well for future you!
    Elly 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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