The Social Media blog tag

Hey Guys:

OOOOOOOH, an tag… this incorporates much excitement, me thinks! I haven’t thought this through at all, and i’m super tired, so if this ends up going a bit, uh, weird, forgive me please.

this absolutely great idea of a tag was invented [is that the right term?] by
and I was nominated by
although I’m fairly sure I was nominated by someone else. If you are the other person [I’m so sorry I’ve forgotten you], please let me know so I can honour you here… I feel really bad for forgetting you!

•Thank the person who tagged you.
•Choose a Blog or Blogger per category and explain why you chose them.
•Optional – Finish off the explanation with a Gif and/or a # which best describes them.
•Tag others to do this (up to you how man

Again, a huge thank you to
for my le nomination… everything sounds better with “le” put before it, don’t you think?

OK, let’s agogo…

Instagram – A Blog With A Design You Love:
So, the whole blind thing kind of makes this one a little difficult, but i’m going to go with
because she designed my blog for me, and I’ve received multiple comments commending her work. So, uh, yeah, Emily, although I’ve never seen your blog, I’m sure it’s stunning 😀

Facebook – A Blog With A Friendly Blogger:
How could I resist mentioning my great friend
here? I mean, she’s amazing, c’mon…
Really though, elm, you’re such a friendly and positive blogger, and such an inspiration to other, new bloggers, always offering friendly words, advice and follows! And could I ask for a friendlier friend? [I’ve just realised that the word friendlier and friend are, like, the same… Oops!]

Twitter – A Blogger Who Could Write Just 140 Characters And You Would Still Love Them:
I think this one has to be
because your posts are always so interesting. You are one of those bloggers who’s post titles immediately grab my attention, and I cannot live the rest of my life without immediately seeing what you have to say. You’re just brilliant, but this is NOT a request for you to start writing 140 character posts, because that just wouldn’t be enough. OK?

YouTube – A Blog You Are Convinced You Are The Number 1 Fan Of:
You mean aside from me? 😛
This has to be
because he is just amazing and oh my god and what even is this now and this sentence is well long. I mean, he’s one of the only bloggers who has heard my voice outside of my uploaded voice clip, and he is one of just two bloggers who has heard my scream… Fun times, eh?

Vine – A Blog You Haven’t Been Following For That Long, But You Still Obsess Over:
I have been following this blog for a while, but in comparison to my other followees [word or no word?], it hasn’t been that long, and we started blogging at similar times.
because her posts are always so relateable and so real. Like, you’ll read a post and suddenly be like
“Oh yeah, that’s so me but I just never realised it.”
Thank you for being a blogger…

Snapchat – The Blogger Who’s Updates You Can’t Wait For:
I’m sorry, guys, but this has to go to
again. I mean c’mon, she’s pretty much my best friend, and people like me don’t have best friends; we’re too wrapped up in our own silly lives 😛

Tumblr – A Blog Which Keeps You Entertained:
Although she’s been offline for absolutely ages [although she is alive and well, I hope she doesn’t mind me saying], this has to be
Although she’s been blogging for ages, and definitely before I joined the Bloggosphere, I still love her blog. There’s always more for me to read, because her blog has been there for a long time before mine, and therefore I have a backlog of posts to enjoy. And when Lora does return, there’ll be more – YAY!

and finally…

Pinterest – A Blog Which Is Full Of Creativity And Inspiration:
I’ve got to say
for this one. You always post things that give me ideas for posts, or activities, or strategies to tackle bordom ;-]
You’re great, and just so unique and idea-full [new word, with added – to keep autocorrect happy].

There you have it: my Social Media blog Tag. I hear you ask, however, who i’m nominating… Well, I would nominate the people who I tagged, but most of them have already completed the tag. If I have tagged you, and you haven’t completed the tag, and wish to, and have the time to, and have the energy to, and have a blog, and have a way of writing the post, and have an internet connection, and have a frying pan, then go ahead and do so.
I also want to nominate anyone who is reading this, but you have to be following me. See, my follower gaining strategy…
I’m only joking – you’re all nominated!!! Get le posting!


19 thoughts on “The Social Media blog tag

  1. Aww thanks L that really means a lot to me, your posts are awesome too!! And don’t worry I won’t be posting 140 characters any time soon, I love blogging too much ^.^

    Liked by 1 person

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