I Don’t Fit In at Blind Camp

Hey Guys:

I’m back!!! Aren’t you just thrilled to be reunited?
Me too! Missed me? I’ve missed you all… No, seriously, I have.

As some of you may know, I went on a break this week, whilst I was at ‘blind camp’. Basically, this is a residential where loads of blind and visually impaired young people gather together for a few days. these breaks are organised by various charities and organisations, and unlike my title for them suggests, there is usually no camping involved; it’s just a residential.

I got back from blind camp yesterday. Sure, it was good – I saw a lot of friends, both old and [relatively] new ones, including
and others. We actually tried to make a voice recording for you guys, but never really got the time or the privacy to do so. Regardless, I got to chill with my friends [sounds cliché] and partake in many different activities and workshops.


There are just so many comcepts and people who annoy me, and that ruins things. The drama at these camps is just unreal; people taking pranks too far, and people, quite frankly, bitching about people both at the camp and not at it behind their backs [and usually to their faces in the end too]. Of course, throwing 15 14-17-year-olds together for three days with no family is going to inevitably result in one or two arguments. But, the blind community, or at least those who oare involved with these kind of camps, is so full of backstabbers and just horrible people. That in itself looks like I’m backstabbing, but I’m not; i’m speaking the honest truth.

I can’t name any names, or even give details about situations for privacy reasons both to do with myself, and the individuals in question. However, this camp, there were “pranks” that were taken so far, they strayed into legal territory. There were both verbal and physical fights, and an endless amount of swearing and foul language directed at individuals. I don’t feel I fit in to that group. I went to have a nice time with friends, to relax and just enjoy the week, as well as having the ability to ask questions and receive advice from staff and outside professionals. I did NOT go to be surrounded by drama, and end up on the last night, sat in bed in tears because things had gone crashing down on the camp, ruining the last night for everyone.

I don’t want to be completely negative: there were some really brilliant times. Shouting at each other in manmade caves, and me leading the group – yes, me, yours truly; the late-night meetings and Sprite-drinking sessions; the High school Musical sing-alongs; the pub, when we were terrified of under-tipping the waiter, so tipped him £5 each; and the time when we were lighting fire with those metal tools things, and we were all scared together, and sreamed at just a single spark. And of course, there was all the group hugs, and group selfies, and the laughter and the group love. I think that every group has that kind of love; you know that you have people who you can trust, and who trust you, and who you know you can go to for some laughter and fun. My way of knowing a group like this is when it takes all of two minutes, and absolutely no jike whatsoever to have you all in tears of laughter.

Maybe you have a group of friends like mine, or are in a community like the one I described. Maybe you’ve gone on a camp [unlikely blind camp, but you never know], and have a story to tell, whether it be positive or negative. Classic ones in the UK are those Year 6 camps… Brits, you all know which one I mean!


29 thoughts on “I Don’t Fit In at Blind Camp

  1. Hey, at least some of it was fun. I had to go camping to accompany my lil brother and his 8 y/o friends and they fought everyday over stuff like who gets to take pictures of butterflies and who gets to draw with the blue crayon. Sigh.

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    1. I’m so glad to be back; that sounds awful, especially as it was at camp. It’s like you can’t avoid each other, and typically, the staff at the camp put you guys together in a group for the first and last time on the camp whilst you’re arguing

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      1. Yeah it wasn’t great ._. Somehow, later that night we managed to forgive each other. But that 2/3 hour period of trying to avoid each other and not talking was hell.

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      2. Yup – but it’s even worse at camp because no phones. So you have to awkwardly look past their shoulder or pretend that that bush over there looks really interesting.

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  2. Hello! Yeah you’re totally right there, it was probobly the most drama-y one I’ve been on, thanks to a certain group of people. At least meeting up with you and the others was fun, miss you allready.

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