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Hey Guys:

How are you? I just want to point out here that this will [probably and likely] be my last post until Friday or Saturday, as I’m heading off on a break. Like, an actual break, to a city which I shall not name in case I do have a crazy fan or even a crazy fan club who will follow me wherever I go and take selfies with me.
If you can find me, you’re more than welcome to a selfie – get hunting!!!

as you may know, I travel by train a heck of a lot. I’m not a train fanatic, but I do like trains in the sense that I like to travel on them. I thought I’d tell you some of my most catastrophic and plain funny train moments… ENJOY!!!

first, the time when I accidentally sang on a train – yup, that happened…
I had my headphones on, and was listening to sax, by fleur east, which is a bloody fantastic song. Anyway, about half way through there is a really cool sax part, which I was kind of dancing [if you’ve listened to my voice clip, it was the swounce] to. What I didn’t initially realise was that I was also singing along to an instrumental section of music OUT LOUD. The carriage went silent, and I swear to god that it was one of the most awkward moments of my life… I had to move carriage; I considered moving trains, but they are hourly, and it was cold.

Who can forget the crewe conga?
Just a couple of months ago now, I was travelling to Hereford, a city in Herefordshire, England. I was determined to fun-up my journey a little, and as the train was, for the most part, empty, I decided [with some friends may I add] to assist in the invention of some new dance routines, based on the names of the intermediate stations. The Crewe conga was undoubtedly the most memorable [because I fell over, and landed quite spectacularly on an empty seat], but there was also the Shroesbury square dance, and the Leominster line dance… Life is fun!

Or the time I thought the train was going to explode… Yeah, that happened.
I had a friend down from the north [anonymity and all that], and we wee going to a popular London tourist attraction, Hampton Court. Hampton court is a beautiful tudor palace, home to King Henry VIII of England [and probably some other dudes too]. It is particularly famous for its huge and [as I discovered] bloody confusing maze, but that’s beside the point. The train started in London Waterloo, and as we sat on the nearly empty train, waiting for it to depart, I was convinced I could hear a beeping. It took just a few seconds for my imagination to burst into life, and I decided that it must be a bomb, planted by someone who wanted to kill me… The fear was real.

“I’m going to London, via Glasgow…”
Back in August, I completed a 170 mile tandem bike ride, to raise funds for the sport which I play. It was crosscountry, from west to east, and finished in Yorkshire, north England. Because I was unsure what time we’d arrive there on the evening of the final day of cycling, I decided, along with most other cyclists, to stay overnight and come home the next day. That way, I might not fall asleep on the train and miss my stop… I decided to leave midmorning the following day, and discovered that another cyclist who had been in our group was also heading back that way too, although she comes from Glasgow. Being the good teenager I am, I informed my parents of my travel plans, and I actually still have the text messages that we sent:
Me: “I’m leaving now. With” [insert name]
Mum: “Good. Who’s that?”
Me: “They’re from Glasgow”
Oh there are fun times…

Well, that’s it I’m afraid – the LOLs are over. So, I’ll be off until Friday or Saturday, but if you’re lucky and I’m organised, I’ll keep Twitter up-to-date [if possible]. I’ll miss you all heaps… promise I will…


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