Stuff Means Stuff

Hey Guys:

I swear to the God of the Bloggosphere that this post’s title is the crappiest I’ve ever written. I think you’ll agree…
How was your Valentine’s day? Did you survive, singletons? If you nodded, good. If you shook your head, good.

Is it just me who wears jewellery because it means stuff to me? I mean, obviously this isn’t limited to jewellery, but that is the example which is most relevant to me. Of course, items are significant to us as individuals for a whole multitude of reasons, whether it be related to the place from which we acquired the object, or the person who gave it to us. Usually, an object’s significance is personal to its owner, and other people just don’t understand.

The initial significance [that is a really hard word to type for some reason] of an object is super important, but then there’s the accumulative significance. This term, invented by Sir L himself, relates to the importance that an object can develop whilst you’re in ownership of it. This could be the things it reminds you of, the memories you’ve shared with it, or the places both you and it have seen.

Let me give you an example of a ring that I own. This ring was given to me by a family friend – bought, in Southampton. That alone means a huge amount to me; someone bought me something expensive, to remind me of them and their family. It’s always on me, whether on my finger or in my pocket, which again is hugely significant. But together, we’ve been through a lot: it’s been to hospital with me, which perhaps isn’t the happies of times. But it’s been with me when I’ve had some of my best times with friends – on Brighton beach, in Scarborough, on funny train journeys, and on mental residential trips with people such as

And it’s for those memories that I wear the ring. I wear it, because when times are tough, I can feel it resting on my right pointy finger, and I can recreate those amazing times. That in itself makes everything better, because I can render up, in my head through the ring, the people and places which I truly love.

This probably sounds so philosophical and crap, but do you get what I’m saying? I wear something not only because of its initial significance, but because of the importance and memories it signifies? Maybe you have a piece of jewellery, or an item of clothing perhaps, which you feel similarly about. If so, you’ll hopefully understand what I’m saying.
If you do have something like this, please tell me in the comments. and if I’m talking shit, please tell me in the comments…


26 thoughts on “Stuff Means Stuff

  1. I have a ring that in my religion is called a CTR ring which just stands for Choose The Right, it’s not required or anything but I got it from my grandma for my 12th birthday and it’s been through a lot with me 🙂

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      1. Don’t get me wrong—please don’t cry—it was a beautiful title—I couldn’t have done better—no honestly, if that was me I probably would just titled it “…um… Idk what to call this…” with lots more ellipses O.o

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  2. Stuff totally means stuff. 😉 I mean, that’s the definition of stuff, correct? Items are definitely worth more with sentimental value rather than money value. 🙂 It’s cool to have an item that you always keep close. It must mean a lot to you. ^_^

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  3. I feel the same way with music! People will say, which is your fave genre of music, and I can’t answer, because honestly my playlists are just a mess of totally different songs, but each song kinda means something different to me, ya know?

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