Is this Where Things Begin?

Hey Guys:

This is the first post that I’ve ever pre-written, drafted, re-written and properly edited. I’m writing this in Word, as opposed to the WordPress website, where I usually write. I really hope you appreciate my efforts here.

Several posts ago, I spoke about not being able to write about certain things, due tto the anonymity of my blog. In that post, I talked about how much I hated not being able to tell you guys stuff, because somehow, my blog has become my best friend. Sure, it’s a best friend which I don’t have, but this blog has so much about me documented on its pages, that I feel that no one could know that much about me without having some kind of friendship with me.

Well, after much deliberation and thought, I’ve decided to tell you guys what I was too frightened to tell you before. I’ve opted to tell you something that, I fear, could shatter my anonymity. I ask just one thing of you guys, and that is this: from the information I give you, please don’t look it up on Google, to try and find out my identity. I have nothing to hide, but the idea of this blog is that it’s not linked to me, and I want to keep it that way. You and I know that if you choose to look me up, there’s nothing I can do to stop you. But in some way, I almost feel like I have a bond of trust with you guys, and I hope that, in some selfish way, you honour that trust enough not to break it.

And now, onto the exciting stuff… Here is what I’m ridiculously excited about!

Several weeks ago, I mentioned that I’d been submitted by my school to take part in BBC School Report, a program set up by the BBC to get school children interested in journalism. Being a journalist is an ideal job for me, and one that I’ve been intent on for years, so this opportunity was perfect. Last week, a journalist from the BBC visited the school, to talk to the group of us doing School report, and to look at some of our stories, which we intended on writing up into fully-developed articles.

I was hesitant about one story that I wanted to write, because I feared that it would make me look arrogant. My form tutor was the teacher in charge of the group from school, and I trust her. She’s extremely supportive of anything and everything that I choose to do, and so I decided to show her first, before showing the journalist. The story was about the first bionic eye, and my feelings over this will only make sense if I point out for new readers that I’m blind.
I have some views on bionic eyes that aren’t commonly publicised in the media. If you Google ‘bionic eye’, the first few pages of results [at least] are full of words like ‘revolutionary’, or ‘life-changing’. Although the bionic eye isn’t an option for me, due to my messed up eye, I feel that I wouldn’t want it, even if I could have it. I’ve had so many different experiences due to being blind, and I’ve met so many amazing people. I’ve adapted to a different way of life, and although sighted people rarely believe this when I say it, sighted people only hate the idea of being blind because it’s different, and with difference comes fear. But I’m used to it now, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I’m also aware that I’m not the only blind person to think this way – far from it.

My form tutor liked the story, and called for the journalist to come and look at it. She too liked it, which leased me at the time, because I’d got the approval of someone who I admired, even if it was just for their job. Of course, I didn’t think anything more of it, because why would I?

An email from my form tutor, sent on Thursday of this week, brought with it some slightly crazy news. The journalist had taken my story back to the BBC, from which point it had been picked up by a BBC radio 4 program. This alone made me exstatic – Radio 4 were going to produce a program on a story of mine! But as I continued reading, there was even more crazy news. Not only were Radio 4 going to produce a program on bionic eyes, based on my story, but they wanted me to interview the surgeion w=who developed the bionic eye, at New Broadcasting House, London, home of the BBC in London.


I am interviewing an important person, on BBC radio 4, just because I wrote a few notes for a journalist. And by a few notes, I mean this:
“Bionic eye implant world first
*Use alternative perspective of younger Vi/blind people + people who have been blind since birth.*
– Perspective of those who are NOT interested
– Why are they NOT interested?
– Perspective of people who ARE interested
– Why ARE they interested, and what hope do they see in the bionic eye?
– touch on each interviewees specific level of vision, and comment on whether this has an impact on their opinion”
I took that from the actual notes I took on that afternoon, last week. And somehow, that got picked up by the BBC, and I’m going to be doing a whole interview and have a whole show on me.

The radio people are coming to school, too, to follow me round… Stalkerish, me thinks. But really exciting, no? and then New Broadcasting House, in March! What the hell is happening to me? Is this where things begin?


65 thoughts on “Is this Where Things Begin?

  1. WOW! That is amazing! WOW! WOW! Haha, I’m speechless. That is just AMAZIIIIIING! This is so exciting. I’m proud of you! So proud! Oh god. If you’re my child, I will shout the new to the whole world and brag about that I have an amazing child who will interview the person who invented the bionic eye!

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  2. This is actually so amazing. Congratulations, that is such an achievement and it shows just how good of a writer you are if something like this has happened! You could definitely go far in the journalism industry, we are all so proud of you!!! -Tash xx

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  3. Ahh this so exciting! I really hope things work out for you and this leads to some awesome experiences! And you can trust us not to search you up 😀

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  4. OMG OMG OMG This is amazing, congrats L. You definitely deserved it and of course they will be interested about what you say because you are amazing my friend! Also, I won’t look you up I promise. I know everything will work out great for you. Great Opportunity indeed.

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    No for real that is UNBELIEVABLE you’re gonna be on BB FUCKIN C (sorry)
    ESPECIALLY for what you wrote. Wow! You’re livin my dream.
    I hope this is as you said ‘where things take off’, it’ll be so exciting to watch!
    By the way while you’re there and especially when they’re filming can you slip this quick little thing in your interview? averyawkwardblogdotwordpressdotcom Very easy to remember and could easily fit in any conversation. Make sure to spell it all out correctly tho. Kaythanks!

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        No no no im joking im serious lol
        Did I just say im joking im serious? This is getting confusing for you and me both. I meant im serious about joking and id be happy to get in touch
        They dont call me the awkward blogger for nothing (by they its really just me)
        Why are my comments so long ugh i need to learn how to tame myself.
        Email comin thruuu

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  6. Hey L! That sounds amazing! Congratulations and good luck you! I am so happy for you–it sounds like a dream come true. 🙂 Please, please, please keep us posted on what happens with this whole thing! And it sounds like you’re truly maturing as a blogger/writer if you really went through that process. Or you’re so excited about this that you wanted to go all out with the post. Haha, anyway, you can trust us, we’re your virtual friends and we respect your privacy and are honored by the fact that you trust us enough to share this achievement of yours. Anyway, congrats again and good luck with your future endeavors!!


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      1. uhhh I can’t tell if that was sarcasm or not.
        I’m very sarcastic if you haven’t noticed already.
        That’s very sweet of you but I’m not THAT funny… 🙂

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