Several Things [God I Hate That Word]

Hey guys:

I hope you’re well; I think I might just be getting over this illness, which is a plus I think you’ll agree.

I’m currently sat at my laptop, at 01:30, and listening to
Jeanie in a Bottle
which is a great song. I’m also watching BBC News, which makes me feel much sophisticated. Basically, my interpretation of the news most of the time:
OOOOH, interesting… Oh, no, not interesting…
Tell me that it’s not just me who thinks like that. It probably is, but hey, I like uniqueness – like that word, because I don’t think it is actually a word. I should probably go to sleep, because I am ill, but I only woke up at 14:45, and I’m just not tired yet. Oh well, WordPress is always here to save me.

Next: I mentioned on Twitter at some point that I was thinking about uploading a video of me talking. Now, let me make this clear: the video would have no image – I won’t use a voice recording because that’s harder to do on wordpress. It would be a video, probably with the camera pointing at my desk or covered by my phone case or something, and I could talk to you guys with my actual voice. I wonder what you think of that – interested, or not interested? I’ll only do it if you want me to, but I just think it would be nice; plus, my voice is so messed up due to my sore throat right now that no one would recognise it anyway.

OH – I NEARLY FORGOT!!! I had a brilliant idea today, which I wondered what you guys thought of. Basically, with it being valentine’s [with the apostrophe or not?] Day on Sunday, I was going to write a piece, because you have to acknowledge its existence. I thought I’d write something to represent all the single people on Valentine’s [we’re going with the apostrophe, because it looks grammary] Day. It’s quite depressing being single on Valentine’s day, so it’s time that the singles had a say, right? And I, L, will lead this campaign against couples; thoughts please?

I’d just like to finish by again apologising for the lack of posts recently; I have been ill, and just haven’t had any energy. I should also mention that i’m going away for a few days next week [Tuesday – Friday], and will [likely] be unable to post, although I’ll try and keep the Twitter up-to-date. I’m so sorry guys – I’m not giving up on you; it’s just been one of those [couple of] weeks.


20 thoughts on “Several Things [God I Hate That Word]

  1. That’s a great idea! Do make a video (obviously without showing your face). Do whatever you want cuz it is in fact YOUR blog ๐Ÿ™‚
    Hahah and that campaign sounds great!
    Oh also,GET WELL SOON!!

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  2. That’ll be really cool to hear the actual voice behind the blogging voice (if that made any sense)! And I will put my hand up for the campaign – WE SINGLE PEOPLE NEED THIS!!
    Get better soon too hehe ๐Ÿ˜€

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      1. I still wouldn’t want you to force yourself to do anything too energy-absorbing until you get completely better. I would feel bad if you forced yourself while being sick (even if slightly sick). ๐Ÿ˜‰

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      2. Ah, learning is fun when it comes in it’s own time, not when it’s forced upon children with butloads of work and stress and late nights. And ok, if you’re that determined. xD I look forward to it! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have fun!

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