SHHHH, I’ve Got A Headache

Hey Guys:

How are you? I’m so sorry it’s been so quiet here recently; I’m still not well at all, and have spent today off school and asleep in bed.

A few updates I have for you guys [bad English I know, but let me off, I’m ill]. First, promo video. If you follow my blog and read it regularly, you’ll know that this weekend I went to film a promo video for my sports team. it went well – many of you wanted to know how it went -, and I got home safely yesterday afternoon.
Update number 2: I have officially decided that I must havd the flu; I have all the signs. I have a sore throat [lost my voice periodically throughout the last five days], a blocked up nose, leaking eyes [it’s like crying uintentionally, which isn’t unusual for me], and a really strong desire to sleep all day and all night. That’s why I haven’t been here – oh plus, I have a banging headache.

I just wanted to talk about cough sweets. Over the last week, I’ve taken a lot, because I have a sore throat, have lost my voice and [funnily enough] have a cough.
WHY IS THERE SUCH A LIMITED RANGE OF FLAVOURS??? I mean, there’s black current, which is alright but gets a bit sickly after several sweets. then, honey and lemon – a lovely flavour combination, but again, becomes sickly sweet after one too many. And then? Well, that’s it. There are no more flavours, like [the one that I really want] orange, or strawberry, or how about chocolate? What I wouldn’t give for a bar of chocolate…

In Harry Potter, it is said that chocolate is good when youre ill. I wonder if my parents will believe that myth, because I could really do with some chocolate. If anyone knows a true theory about the positive medical impact of chocolate, please please let me know?

Also, another gripe about being ill: I have a headache, and have done ever since Thursday. So, why do people insist on coming right up to the side of my bed and saying very slowly, loudly and as if I’m a baby: “AWWWWW, HAVE YOU GOT A HEADACHE? I HOPE YOU FEEL BETTER SOON…”
NO YOU DON’T! You couldn’t give a shit, you just want to do your good act for the day! If you wanted me to get better, you wouldn’t have woken me up to see how I was feeling! Go away!

And breathe…

So, that’s your chek-in from L. I don’t know when I’ll be posing again, because I don’t know how I’ll feel tomorrow. In the meantime, however, keep smiling and I’ll be reading your posts as and when I can.


40 thoughts on “SHHHH, I’ve Got A Headache

  1. So sorry about your health! I know how it feels! Get well soon 🙂
    As for chocolate, all I know is that it helps u to be in a good mood,it reduces cholesterol and dark chocolate decreases hypertension and protects the cell! (Wow! I sound extremely boring!)
    Hehehe too much med stuff.. 😀

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    1. Thank you! I have no idea what half of that means, but that’s good, because if my parents don’t know either, they’ll hopefully think I’m super intelligent and think I’m right and get me chocolate! And dark chocolate is the best!!!

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    1. I was going off of the positive health benefits mentioned in the Harry Potter books, and ambrosia, mentioned in the Percy Jackson books, which apparently tastes like chocolate… That’s enough, isn’t it? 😜

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