I’m Just Clearly Not excited Enough

Hey Guys:

It’s late. Like, very late. And by that I mean 23:40. OK, it’s not that late for me, but shhhhhh… We’ll go with it, eh?

So, I mentioned a couple times that I’m going away this weekend, to film a promo video for my sports team. That sounds so lad-like, but i’m about as far from a lad as you can get… A camp teenager who like to gallop around strange cities and wave at random cars [sometimes when there’s no one in them]… Not a lad, I think you’ll agree.

Regardless of whether I’m a lad or not, I’m excited for this weekend. I get to see my friends, have fun filming, stay at a family friend’s house and chill. Finally, I can escape for a couple of days, and just enjoy myself away from the stress of school, illness and family. So yeah, I’m excited, but clearly not excited enough. How do I know this? Because i’m typing this blog post, listening to Lorde [Let me live that fantacy], and NOT packing my overnight bag for Saturday night! It’s nowhere near packed yet, and I’m getting up at 6 tomorrow to leave at about 7, and I’m not even close to ready.

To demonstrate how unproductive I’m being, I will add that I’ve just immediately picked up the phone when I received a text and spent a very long time composing a very long and sophisticated reply when the word “Hi” would have done nicely.

I’ll tell you what: let’s make a list of all the things I need to pack, and as I write them, i’ll gather them together! This way, I should get things done. i’ll try to add some comments, to make the list a little more entertaining. Here goes:
Pyjamas: a must-have, and I have a 1sie. Sorted
Clothes for tomorrow le evening: I have a blue jumper, with a mearkat t-shirt and cargo-like trousers. Sorted
Bathroom Equipment [That sounds a bit wrong to be honest]: I have my medication, toothbrush and toothpaste, shower gel [is it gel or jell?], shampoo, spray for the body, hand cream [I’m obsessional], and Lemsip for my cold/flu. Sorted
Jewelery [To show I’m sophisticated much]: a ring which the family friends in question bought me and my
Where There’s a Will There’s A Way Bracelet
Towel: what else is there to say? Sorted
Money: I shall get later, for the parents have it. [Nearly] Sorted
Train tickets: Is it just me that has the immediate panic when the ticket inspector comes, because you momentarily convince yourself that you have the wrong ticket, and that the guard will stop the train and chuck you off in a field near woking? No? I do… Sorted

Is that it? I think so, but if you think of something else, let me know; I’m all ears 😀


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