When You Interview a Stuffed Dog

Hey Guys;

How are you? I’m ill – joy of all joys – and so am taking the day off school. The ill bit isn’t so great, obviously, but at least I finally get a day of peace and quiet; I need it, I think.

I’m very tired. I got very little sleep last night, or the night before, and that is how I’m going to explain why I was interviewing a stuffed dog. I know you’re judging me, so writing “Don’t Judge Me” seems a waste of my time, but don’t judge me, please. I genuinely don’t remember how I even started talking to a stuffed dog, but the first thing I remember this morning was sitting in front of the teddy in question, and asking: “So, why do you think you’re right for this job?”.
I think we can safely say that I have problems.

Random Thought: Is it just me that gets super annoyed when radio stations cut out parts of songs to make them shorter? It ruins the experience; DON’T DO IT!

I know, let’s write a list!
“A list?” you ask. “But a list of what?”
“A list,” I answer, “of what, I am currently unsure.”

Let’s make a list of the top 10 apps on my phone; maybe you guys will find some new apps, or add some to my list in the comments, or something… I’m bored, just go with it.


1. Facebook
I spend my life on facebook, which is typical of a teenager, and I don’t think I could live without it. It’s annoying me right now though, because it doesn’t seem to be sending me notifications when someone comments on my posts… Much annoyingness I feel.

2. WordPress
How could I live without this one? I live to read your posts and comments, and love to watch your suggested videos, comment on your posts, like your posts and discover your blogs [if I haven’t done so already].

3. Twitter
I have both my personal Twitter and my blog twitter on the Twitter app on my phone, so this app is used quite a bit. I have to make sure I’m using the correct account though, or else catastrophe could strike. I haven’t failed so far. I used to use two Twitter apps, and still do so on my iPad, but I didn’t like the one I used for blog Twitter on my phone, so I got rid of it.

4. Facebook Messenger
I have friends [don’t laugh; that’s very offensive], and we keep in touch through Messenger. Plus, it’s a good way to tell if your friends are ignoring you, because you can see when they were last active.

5. WhatsApp
Again, good way to see if your friends are ignoring you, because it tells you when they were last online. However, you can turn this feature off, so people can’t see, so that fails. You can also easily text, send voice messages, pictures, location, contacts and all sorts to one person or multiple people.

6. YouTube
How else am I going to watch funny clips from The ellen Show from over in the states, and watch Radio 1 Live Lounge covers? c’mon guys…

7. BBC iPlayer
There is so much stuff on iPlayer, and I don’t watch things when they’re on TV, because I’m too forgetful regarding time. I just notice that things are on, and add them to my 3am iPlayer list…

8. The Guardian
I have to read the news somewhere, and it makes me look sophisticated, because the Guardian’s journalists often express their own oppinions on matters, whether directly or subtly. I can “borrow” those oppinions, and look intelligent if anyone asks me about current affairs.

9. Audible
I am an Audible subscriber, and I love to listen to audio books. Also, you can say that you listen to audio books, and instead be listening to, say, the audio version of a comedy show, or radio show. Yes, Audible do those too; sophistication on the outside, LOLs within.

And finally…
10. Costa Coffee
This app allows me to buy coffee in Costa [the best British coffee shop chain], and scan my digital membership card [free to aquire]. For every pound I spend [and knowing the sugar content of Costa’s drinks and snacks, probably gain as well], I get 5 points, each worth a penny. So, for example, one coffee could cost £3, so i’d get three lots of 5 points, equating to 15p. Then, you can spend your points on a Costa product; pure genius! I love it, I love Costa; it’s a great system!

well that was fun, wasn’t it? Have I at all inspired you to download something new? I didn’t want to mention any of the pre-installed apps, because they’re already there, so you probably know about them. I should also mention that I have an iPhone, although I believe that everything I’ve mentioned is available on Android and [some] on Windows Phone.

Well, that’s it from me. I am going to find the cat, clamber bak into bed and have a nice relaxing [ill] day on Netflix. enjoy your day guys, and I’ll speak to you soon.


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