Ranting About My Cat

Hey Guys:

I should really mention in my tag line or something that I have a cat, because she’s featured a lot on this blog. Now, she’s annoyed me, and so I’ve written to tell you why.

I’m ill today, and having a day in bed. WHY does my cat not understand this, and therefore spread herself out on MY bed? Specifically, spread herself out in front of my pillow, so I can’t lie down. Moving the pillow results in her lazily standing up, stretching and plodding over to the pillow’s new location. From here, she proceeds to hit my head surprisingly ferociously for a cat with her paw, until I lift my head to scream at her. She then sits down where my head was, the smug twit.

Or now, for example, my cat has left my bed for me [at last], and decided to start talking to the bedroom door. It doesn’t speak, cat, and it definitely doesn’t speak cat language. Give it up, because you’re going to be hit in a minute by a pillow from my bed…

Oh yeah, and she decided to sit on my laptop [which is open and on], so my word document had a load of random characters at the end. Trust me, my cat is the devil, I swear. Why does she do this to me today, when I’m genuinely not very well, home alone and growing more and more frustrated?

Do you think this is her way of revelling? Am I unwell, headache full [new term], and dealing with the cat uprising? Yay – it must be my lucky day, right?

I’ve managed to grab a bit of sleep, and am going to try for some more soon. I’m currently coming up with blog post ideas, to keep myself busy and distracted from the antics of “The Thing”, who has just moved into the next room. I think she’s running around or something, because it goes silent for about 10 seconds, and then there’s a lot of movement for about 30 seconds, and then silence, and so on. Would it be cruel to go and shut her in there? Actually, she’d probably start trying to knock [or yowl] down the door; bad plan L.

Brilliant, now the other two cats – the placid ones – have just started “Playing” by running up and down the stairs. This house has problems, and I’m alone in it. Someone, feel free to come save me…


29 thoughts on “Ranting About My Cat

  1. Awww your cat(s) sounds adorable!! Even though you might think they are annoying aha ๐Ÿ™‚ I actually really want a cat (or a dog I can’t decide) but my mum refuses to look after it and I can’t because I keep moving between homes so it’s problematic :/

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      1. In as simplistic an explanation as possible, my sister’s room shares a physical door with my room, meaning that the door is
        A] a long way from my bed
        B] someone else’s door as well. It also has no actual lock, and the closing mechanism is broken, meaning that you merely have to push the door for it to swing open, rather than use the handle. It’s a sad excuse of a door xD

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      2. So… no cats stay out of the room?
        On a slightly unrelated note, I have a rabbit (she lives downstairs) who gets let out of her cage every morning and comes straight to my room, runs under my bed, and makes a ton of noise, waking me up. I’d close the door, but for some reason it doesn’t shut all the way (something about the weather, my parents say)… so if I did shut it all the way, it wouldn’t open… like, the knob wouldn’t even twist. Anyways, I can’t shut my door. Now, I’m just glad my rabbit isn’t strong enough (or maybe too lazy) to push it open if I close it hard enough… but not completely shut.
        XD I hope you enjoyed that little story lol. Hopefully I didn’t bore you. Back to the point, it’s annoying when my rabbit wakes me up every morning lol.

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      3. I must hear more of this disruptive rabbit of which you speak so, uh, highly… At least you have a built-in alarm clock! Well basically, if I shut the door, the cats are strong enough to nudge it open with their noses [I guess], as when you shut our door, it can be pushed open without the use of the handle.

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      4. Unfortunately, my rabbit is determined to get in, so if she can’t open the door, she scratches at or around it, resulting in a loud noise, which incidentally wakes me up anyways. Actually, it’s a better alarm clock because then I’m actually motivated to get up, walk across the room, and open the door so she’ll stop scratching. Still kind of a lose-lose situation because I have to wake up either way lol.
        Those cats sound frustrating. If it’s not a problem with noise, would you be able to place an object in front of the door, so it can’t be pushed open?

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      5. It’s a bit like the idea behind the alarm clock that flies around the room [no jokes here, I’m serious, this exists], so that you get out of bed to catch the alarm and turn it off. What happens if you’ve got an upstairs bedroom, and sleep with the door open? I imagine having to chase the alarm clock downstairs in your pyjamas!!! I could place something in front of the door, true, but half-asleep, confused and brainless 2am L would undoubtedly go flying over said object in an tempt to visit the loo, or to get a drink… My motivation for getting up in the mornings is this: I place my phone [i.e. The alarm clock in this situation], on my desk. My bed is like a bunk bed, but the bottome bunk isn’t there, so I have to climb down a ladder to reach my room and my desk; there is no way I can reach my desk from my bed. This way, when the alarm goes off, I’m forced to get out of bed to shut the damn thing up, or else run the risk of waking the rest of the house up at 05:30am, which I doubt they’d be too pleased about if I’m honest… XD

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      6. I can’t even imagine owning a flying alarm clock. Good thing I sleep with the door “closed” because it opens inward. About getting up for the alarm… I often sleep through it or end up waking up (from the rabbit) before it even goes off. If I happen to wake up to it, the only thing that keeps me from going back to bed is reading the WP notifications. The screen wakes me up, and reading everything keeps me awake longer, so I’m too awake to fall back to sleep. xD My wake up routine in a sense. ๐Ÿ˜›
        And I’ve seen those beds before, I actually think it’s quite cool. A room saver (as in room space) as well, but hopefully you don’t fall out. xP And I guess there’s no keeping the pesky cats out lol. Good luck with them.

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      7. It got to the point where I had to move my phone away from the bed when I discovered that pressing the volume down button on my iPhone silences the alarm for about 15 minutes. It’s still technically ringing, but it mutes itself; a handy feature, if you ask me! I couldn’t help but mention another crazy alarm clock which I just remembered reading about: there’s one that was available for purchase in America definitely [I’m not sure about internationally, like here in the UK] which took a dollar from your bank account for every minute you ignored it, or snoozed it. If I had that alarm clock… Well, I’d be in serious money problems. Forget being in the red; I’d be in the screen-just-smashed-in-shock-at-your-shitty-allowance stage ๐Ÿ˜›

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      8. Wow! Nice! xD Muting it totally works too. xP
        Dang, if I had that alarm clock, I’d probably have -100000 dollars in my account lol. But how would you turn it off when you did wake up? Otherwise, turning it off (if there was no consequence) would have the same affect as snoozing it… I think? Or what if you just accidentally slept through it? :O
        My phone has the option to do a puzzle or something to access the “turn off” button, but I’ve never tried it. I guess the puzzle would wake up your brain so you wouldn’t be tempted to go back to bed otherwise the alarm would still be ringing (although I guess muting it, like you said, is a good solution)!

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      9. Puzzles could help wake up your brain, but is it one of those which you make yourself, or do you get a fresh, computer-generated puzzle each and every morning? If you made it yourself, you’d soon get used to the finger movement, and eventually be able to do it easily, with no thought process required. However, if the phone made the puzzle, imagine if you couldn’t figure it out, or the puzzle designers got it wrong… You’d be locked out of your phone with a forever-ringing alarm, well, forever xD

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      10. I’ve never actually tried out the puzzle (for fear of never figuring it out and having the alarm constantly ringing) but I’d imagine it would be computer generated… because I think creating a puzzle would be cheating if you already know the answer. I think there is a setting though so the alarm turns off within a certain amount of time, so I’d imagine that if you didn’t figure out the puzzle by then (yet still tried) the alarm would stop and you’d still be awake from trying to work out the puzzle.

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      11. Yeah, but then I’m one of these people who wouldn’t be content until I’d figured out the puzzle’s solution… Maybe the moneygrabbing alarm clock is the better option after all. I wonder if you wake up before your alarm, do you get paid extra money? I see a money-making technique developing xD

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      12. Lol, I’m also the kind of person who wouldn’t give up until I figured out the puzzle. Although I’d probably still prefer it over the money alarm clock… otherwise I would have NO money. xD
        If there was an alarm clock that gave money for waking up before the alarm, I would just set an alarm an hour earlier so I’d be awake lol. Free money for waking up early, heck yes! (I would just go back to sleep after the alarm passes and gives me money xP).

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      13. Oh, I see what you mean. Well, thee’ll be no money going into my account for a couple years at least yet, so I’m going to get a nasty surprise if I had that alarm clock and that was the case xD

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