The Music

Hey Guys:

I’m sat on a train right now, on my way to hospital. I’m listening to Stitches, which is an amazing song, if you ask me, which you probably didn’t but hey – I’m telling you anyway.

I think that music is super important when understanding people and places. I say that you don’t TRULY know someone until you know their taste in music. Maybe that’s just me, or maybe you agree with me but all the same, I can say one thing and be fairly sure it’s true in 99% of cases: everyone has a taste in music, and that taste says something about them.

Someone’s taste in music can tell you what kind of feelings they feel, what situation they’re in and so on, because music is so relatable. We naturally listen to music that we can relate to, whether it be through lyrics or through the general feel of the music itself. Maybe we don’t realise we do it – sometimes it takes music for me to work out why I feel a specific feeling. That probably sounds bonkers, but think about it: it can’t just be me… Popular examples of what I’m saying include people listening to “break-up music” when they’ve broken up with a girlfriend or boyfriend. You get the idea…

Then, there’s the music related to a place. The music of a city, or even a country, can give you such a feel for the place. London music, for example, gives such a feel for the urban environment which London is famous for, whilst music from American cities like New York is more electronic and modern. I’m trying to say that the music of a specific country or culture can give you a feel for what the country is like, and what the people are listening to.

I wonder if this post actually makes any sense, and if you guys agree with me. If so, or even if not, I’d love to hear about your tastes in music, and what kind of music you listen to. Also, how about giving me some popular music to check out from your country? I’d love to hear some international popular music; that kind of thing interests me. I’m now listening to Avenir, by Louane. It’s French, and I love it; you should check it out 😀

Right, off we go to hospital then. I’m still on the train, and will be getting off in just over 20 minutes or so…


11 thoughts on “The Music

      1. this isn’t exactly pop, but it’s my favorite song right now.
        the language may be weird for you.
        but it’s about being awake even when the whole world is asleep and it is quite outside and stuff

        let me know if you like it 😀

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