Hey Guys:

L here, in case you forgot who I was… You never know, right?

I want to start a tag, for one main reason:
I want to know more about you guys – my readers, and the ones who mean so much to me. Your the ones who listen when no one else will, and I really want to get to know you guys [not in a stalker-like way, don’t worry].

I’ve come up with this tag, to try and learn a bit more about you bloggers, by asking you the questions that really matter to me [they’re random]. I called it the Know-It-all tag, because I want to know more about you, and my favourite singer alessia Cara has just released her first album, Know-It-All, and is on the Know-It-All tour…

So, how does it work? I’m going to set out the questions and rules below, and then you guys can fill the questions in on a post on your blog. I’d love to get as many bloggers involved as possible, so please share this by creating a post and doing the questions


Here goes then:

RULES [to the tag, not to life]:
Answer the questions in a post on your blog

Link to the blog[s] where you saw this tag, to give them a self-confidence boost

Tag the post wwith the tag KnowItAll [DO NOT FORGET THE capitalS, or else they’ll be sad, and there’s three of them and only one of you, so they might gang up on you]

Nominate some bloggers if you like [no minimum number because that’s always hard]; feel free to nominate all your readers!

Have fun [this is compulsory, and anyone caught not having fun will be brought in by the L police for questioning… Just saying]

during those annoying ice-breaker games, when you have to think of something beginning with the first letter of your name, what do you always say [we all have one we use]?
*If you can’t answer this for anonymity reasons, what do you wish this could be?*

What is your favourite song right now?

If you could visit one place in the world, where would it be, why and in which season?

How much battery does your blog-writing device of choice have right now?

What is the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you 3-5 years ago?

Tell a joke [just saying “me”, or “you” is not acceptable].
*If you really can’t tell a joke, I never said you couldn’t say “no” [hint, hint]*

So, there you are. Share it, please! Fill in these questions on your blog, and get everyone on WordPress you know involved! Remember to tag your post with the tag KnowItAll and I’ll keep an eye on what you guys come up with! I really hope you get involved…


21 thoughts on “#KnowItAll

      1. Just checked this out… I mean changing the actual-to the word capital. I had to change the tag, removing the -s and so made the first letter of each word capitalised, which you have done perfectly. Hopefully you understand me now… So, just change the “-s” to “capitals”

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