I’m Bored of Being Sick

Hey Guys:

Tomorrow, I’m going to the hospital. It’s a check up, and to fit a new prosthetic eye in one of my sockets. This has to be done from time to time, to make sure things still fit and so forth.

I’m sick of being the sick kid. I’m sick of being the kid who’s always got a hospital appointment, or an upcoming operation. I’m sick of unknown family members of family friends wishing me luck on things they know nothing about and, with all the luck in the world, aren’t going to be very nice. I’m bored of being the child who can’t go three months without a trip to the hospital, and I’m sick of being in that hospital.

I try and stay positive, because there’s nothing I can do about things. But then, the minute I let go for just one day, one hour, people say I’m overreacting, because I’m always so positive. The minute when hospital gets too much, and there’s no one who will listen. And that annoys e, but overall it makes me sad, because I feel lonely, and neglected. I feel like there’s no one there. And that makes me sad.

I’m sorry for the depressing post.


43 thoughts on “I’m Bored of Being Sick

  1. I know what it’s like being the sick kid. I’m sick of it too. I guess it’s something we’ll just have to get through together. No one else really understands what it’s like being “that kid” XO

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  2. I am sorry that you have to go through this, hospitals can be so depressive… I am convinced though that with time things will get better for you. Just stick to being strong and wish for the best… Even if it’s hard 😦 Good luck!

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  3. Agh, it must be hard, having people pity you when they don’t understand what it’s like. Although I can’t say I experience the same things, I hate going to the hospital, even if it’s for allergies or a cold. xP Hey, but at least you’re not stuck in the hospital, day after day, with a life-threatening disease. 😉 If you ever feel down, confide in your blogger friends. 🙂

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