I’m Sorry, Your Train Doesn’t Exist

Hi Guys:

How are you? i’m sorry I didn’t write yesterday; a lot happened, and I just wasn’t up to forming a logical sentence, let alone a post.

I went to Winchester yesterday, which was fun. I left at around 06:30, and arrived at just after 10:00. The journey down was successful, although assistance forced me onto an early train so I arrived earlier than expected. It was fine though.

The way back? Not so good.
My friend’s mum dropped me at the station, and as I walked in, there was a train at the platform. Not my train – that wasn’t due for another 7 minutes, and this one was ready to leave. as I got to the assistance point, I gave the man my name, at which point he informed me: “Sorry, Sir, but your train doesn’t seem to exist.”

From here, I learnt that the next train back to Clapham Junction, from which my next train left, was the 18 minutes past.
“Which platform?”
“Well, it was this one, but it’s just pulling out now.”

I’m not going to lie. I had a full scale panic attack. I just stood there and shook, and waited for the next bit of information. My next rtrain back was at 52 minutes past, but this meant I would miss my next connection, which was the last one of the day. I gave up thinking, and called home, for my parents to meet me at Clapham.
They did.

I haven’t broken down like that for a very long time. But it will not put me off doing that journey again. Oh no it won’t.

So yeah… My train literally didn’t exist; aren’t I lucky?


11 thoughts on “I’m Sorry, Your Train Doesn’t Exist

  1. It’s fine! shit happens in life! I just wished someone was there with you the whole time! It wouldn’t have freaked you out so much! It’s going to be just fine! Take care!

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  2. Happy to hear that you’re not giving up and willing to try again!! That sucks though, something similar happend to me too, and I got on a different train and had to stand up on a whole 3 h trip… I am sorry that it made you have a panick attack 😦

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