Hey Guys:

How are you? I’m OK, thank you, although I have a friend on the phone right now and he’s asking to know my blog URL and o I’m typing this without my screenreader so that he can’t hear anything. It’s stressful!

In my view, society writes us a script. It’s not a personalised script – well, not really. It’s a script that matches our circumstances, and makes out that society is the best thing that ever happened. I would have said the best thing since sliced bread, but society probably invented sliced bread, and so for the duration of this post, I will commit to the complete and utter rejection of sliced bread.
Regardless, we’re all given a script, which we’re expected to memorise, although in reality it has no set words; just a theme, and a tone.

As an example, I’ll use me:
I’m blind, therefore that paragraph of the script might start off: “I am a poor, helpless and dependent blind child, and I will be a poor, helpless, dependent, unemployed blind adult. Society will always be there to do everything for me because I’m so helpless.”
I’m bisexual, so this might say: “Society will always accept me for being bisexual.” There will be no mention of the minority of people who actively speak out against non-straight relationships.
I’m a blogger, so this paragraph might start: “I’m a recluse, because all bloggers must be reclusive, but society accepts my imperfections, but still labels them imperfections.”

Well, you know what? I refuse to be part of that. I will not be scripted. I will not keep my toes on the line, or reside behind boundaries, as opposed to pushing them. I will not hide behind lies, merely because they’re prettier than the reality which they conceal.
That is not me.
that is not real.
I am me.
and I am real.

For myself, and for others, I will go unscripted. My voice will be heard, because the truth will be heard. Why shouldn’t I say how things really are? Why can’t things be anything less than perfection? If everything was perfect, there’d be no room for development and improvement, and we’d probably end up
A] in a hunger games style situation
B] with no sliced bread [which of course would be a positive].

Will you join me? Will you drop what people want you to say, and want you to think, and join me, unscripted? I, for example, am not a poor, helpless, dependent blind child; I’m a child who is blind, and who has dreams and aspirations and wishes and goals and a life stretching far ahead.
And that life is mine, to do with as I please.

I suppose in a way I’m already promoting the idea of being unscripted via this blog; i’m writing just how I feel, with no lies and no concealment. When things aren’t perfect with society, I write about them. And so long as that’s cool with you readers, that’s cool with me.


7 thoughts on “Unscripted

  1. YEAH!! I hate when I feel pressured to say something or people ask a question and expect a specific answer. And then when I do go off script usually it ends in being frowned upon by ze adults but I AM MEEEEE

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