I Almost Didn’t Write this

Hey Guys:

How are you? It’s late as I write this – 00:20 -, and I was in bed. I can’t sleep though; I fell asleep this evening for two or three hours, so I guess that has its implications. I was going to save this post for tomorrow – well, today now -, either early in the morning or in the evening when I usually post, but as I couldn’t sleep anyway, I thought that I may as well use this time to write.

I had parents evening tonight. I don’t know if that term is internationally recognised, but it’s basically an evening after school when the teachers of all your subjects stay late, and your parents talk to them [individually, not to all of them at once] about your progress in their class. The student makes appointments with their teachers beforehand, so you stick to a timetable of sorts. If there’s a different name for this in your country, do tell me what it is; I love learning about things in other countries…

As I said, my parents evening was tonight, and I was nervous. Without showing off, I know that I’m a well-behaved, hard working student, and that is NOT bragging, it’s just the truth. That makes it sound even worse…
I managed to go to 7 of my 9 appointments; my French teacher was off ill, and my biology teacher… Well, that’s another story entirely. I’ve been nervous about parents evening for a couple of weeks now – ever since the beginning of this term, on 05/01, and so today was a nightmare. I guess, however, I could reassure myself that after this evening, it’d all be over for another year.

Almost to my surprise, everything went well!!! My teachers were all happy with me, and none of them said I was doing badly at all [apart from the chemistry teacher]… there’s always one], but even she said I’d improved. I told my form tutor about my worries and stresses over my target grades which are pretty much unachievable apart from in one subject, Music. She said not to worry about them, and not to use them to compare myself to the expectations of others.

My form tutor is really nice, and seems to understand me, which makes a change. The other two form tutors I’ve had haven’t taken an interest in anything to do with me really. I mean sure,they knew about me, and would have the odd brief chat, but this form tutor talks to me in the mornings, and recognises if I’m stressed, or down for some reason. Normally, I’d say that’s a bad thing, because I don’t like to talk about it, but she’s really good at talking thing sover with me, and coming up with solutions to problems. Also, because I’m blind, a lot of old form tutors would pass EVERYTHING that I said back to our Special Needs department, meaning that nothing was ‘just a chat with my form tutor’. This year, I’ve got a form tutor who gets that
A] I don’t need every LSA to know everything that I say
B] some things are said in private for a reason
C] I don’t want to be linked with a department for Special Needs, because I don’t think that title applies to me; i’m just a normal person who happens to not be able to see.

The rest of the subjects went well too, although I didn’t make the Biology appointment. Basically, the teahcers of all of the subjects are moved from 6 buildings [that’s how many our school has] to 2 buildings, to make life easier. However, our school put all of the chemistry and all of the Biology teachers into the library. Being blind, it’s very difficult to find the right teacher; it’s not like I can say to my mum “you’re looking for the one with” X “coloured hair”. I managed to find my Chemistry teacher by asking another teacher who was free [but nothing to do with me], but Biology… We gave up.

So overall, a successful parents evening! I@m not in trouble, and the only thing that was brought up was the fact that I don’t put my hand up in class. I just don’t like to; I almost feel like I’m competing in a competition with all the smart kids, and I just don’t see the point. I get things right usually, so why bother saying stuff in class that just gets me labelled as a snob, or as a teacher’s Pet?

The other thing I wanted to mention is something that I think is really super exciting! When i’m older, I want to be a journalist – a written one, for a newspaper, or an online source. I love to read, write and research news stories about things that interest me. My dream is to write for a newspaper like The Guardian, although I don’t really think that’s realistic [I’ve used too many words linked to real in this sentence, and that’s really annoying me in real life]. If not, I have always wanted to write for somewhere like BuzzFeed or The Metro [don’t judge me], because they’re sources aimed at people of my current age group, and therefore they’re what I’ve grown up with throughout my teenage years.
This morning, my form tutor said she needed so speak to me. i’m me, so an immediate flash of terror went through me; what did I do? I was getting on with this form tutor – I can’t upset her!!!
It turned out that my English teacher and my form tutor have selected me, along with three other Year 9s, some Year 8s, some Year 7s and some Year 10s, to take part in
BBC School Report, which is a project set up by the BBC. You can read more about it by clicking the link above, but it’s basically allowing us to use journalistic skills to research stories and write them up. I’m not sure if our school specifically or the whole country is using this topic, but our school is basing the whole project on Science in the News.
I’m so excited to do this, as a journalist is going to come in and talk to us all, and it’s going to be such a great experience and a fun project overall. It will also give me some pointers on what I need to do to achieve my goals, and give me a little bit of a taste of what journalism is really like.

I really hope you guys are having a good day, or night, or whatever time of day it is. I’ll see you soon…
That’s not a threat; how rude!!!

I’ve just seen how long this post really is; i’m oo sorry to have rambled on so much. Clearly I had a lot of stuff bottled up that I needed to tell you guys!


26 thoughts on “I Almost Didn’t Write this

  1. Congratulations on everything, that all sounds so awesome!! And also on the west coast of the US we call it a parent-teacher meeting. But it’s only required if the student is doing extremely bad and a teacher contacts the parent or vise-versa. The only times parents would be able to talk with every single teacher would be during open house which again is not required.

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  2. Ohhh… We call it Open Day here. All the parents talk to the teachers on a one on one basis.
    YAY!! I’m so happy for you! These meetings can be terrifying but really, it’s nice to know everything went well! And my chemistry teacher is the only one who tells me I have to be more interactive in class. But truly, the only reason I don’t raise my hand up is because I really just don’t GET the subject. Sigh…
    BBC??? That’s SO COOL! It sounds like so much fun. Have a blast and don’t worry, I’m pretty sure, once you’re older, buzz feed and the Guardian would be LONGING for you to write for them 😉

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