Take a Chance

Hey Guys:

How are you? I’m good, although it’s bloody freezing here in London; as I write this, my phone informs me that it’s -1 degrees celcius. Basically, cold.

“I’ll spread my wings and learn how to fly;
I’ll do what it takes ’till I touch the sky.”
Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson

This song, by Kelly Clarkson, is one of my absolute favourites, but probably not for the normal reasons. Sure, it’s got a brilliant vocal, and is just generally a fab song. But I love it, for it’s lyrics, and it’s overall message. My favourite two lines of all are the ones above, and I’m going to explain what they mean to me.

We all get beaten down, confined, or even attacked, whetehr physically, or socially for our ideas, beliefs and differences. It saddens me to say that I@m no stranger to this kind of treatment; many people believe that being blind renders me incapable, unnecessary or plain stupid. although I can’t realistically confirm that the last common assumption isn’t true [sniggers], I think you’ll agree that I’m as capable as anyone else, and just as necessary. To be honest, it makes me more sad when someone with a visual impairment who is not toatally blind like myself says something like this; it happens, trust me.

The first time something like this happened to me, I was absolutely devastated. I made the mistake of believing what one individual told me, and even told people who pointed out the positives about me that they were wrong. ON reflection, it’s sickening to see just how wrong I was myself. I understand that that sounds a little big-headed, but that’s not my intention. My intention is more to say that we all have positives, and one person dedicated to pointing out your flaws is just wrong, because you are more than your flaws.

The second time it happened to me, I was sad, but I had an experience to work from. Mistakes made previously were not made again – or rather, they were not as bad as before. this time, I knew who was there for me, and who wanted to hurt me. I spread my wings, and flew to the sky, because I knew that I was me, and although that’s not perfection, it’s perfection for me.


8 thoughts on “Take a Chance

  1. For me, it’s sad and at the same time frustrating that people have that notion of you. Just because you have a visual impairment, it doesn’t mean you can’t achieve great things. I applaud your perseverance to stand up after that individual pointed out your “flaws.”

    And no, I don’t think it was big-headed of you 🙂

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