I’m Totally Not Obsessed

Hey guys:

How are you? I’m OK, but feeling just a tincy little bit guilty that I woke up at 13:20… I DIDN’T FALL ASLEEP UNTIL 5; FORGIVE ME!

Right, as usual with me, you might have gathered that the title to this post might have been just a little bit sarcastic. Fine, Blogospherians, i’m totally and utterly 100% obsessed. Oh, wait, I haven’t told you what I’m obsessed with yet, have I? It’s not hard to guess, if you keep up-to-date with this blog [which you really should, guys; it’s bloody brilliant haha].

Correct! I’m OBSESSED with Alessia Cara. Her music, her voice, her songwriting skills, her story… it’s just brilliant. And so, I wanted to write a post with a message to Alessia, if that’s alright. She probably won’t read it, because I’m not famous enough for people to find this, but still, I wanted to tell you guys why I love her so much [not in a creepy way].

Alessia Cara:
Of course, the world has recognised how musically talented you are, just through Here [an absolutely brilliant song, by the way]. Then, there are some who have bought the album, Know-It-All, like myself, and have had access to more of your material. The album is so unique, because, however weird it sounds, it’s so honest. There are very few artists who are completely honest in their music, and even fewer who are of your age, and therefore connect with a teenage audience like myself. There are some who have seen your live performances, and the best thing about you which is only realised when you perform live is that you can actually sing. That sounds so awful, but I mean it: so many artists cannot sing as well live as they can on a pre-recorded track, and it almost ruins the whole image.

the thing that I admire you most for, however, is the fact that you’ve achieved your dream. Society tells us not to dream big, because we’ll never achieve it. And we believe that, and therefore dream to be postmen, or bankers, or shop keepers. You, however, are living proof that with hard work and confidence to put yourself out there, you can achieve whatever you put your mind to. Teenagers like myself don’t have many people as living evidence to use as examples, and therefore we believe society, because there is no other option. So, thank you, for establishing hope inside me; for sending out the message that it’s possible, and achievable, and real.

Thank you for staying real and grounded, and for putting your music out there. In regards to Here, so many teenagers [I hope it’s not just me anyway] feel like the wallflower, feel awkward, feel out of place, but none of us will admit it to one another. thank you for telling us we’re not alone, and for being so honest about it.

Thank You; I can’t wait to see you on the Know-It-All tour in London in March – my tickets arrived yesterday, and I literally ran round the house about 4 times screaming and wavng them around because i’m so excited… OK, that sounds really weird written down, but it seemed like a good idea at the time!


9 thoughts on “I’m Totally Not Obsessed

  1. I LOVE THIS POST!! SO MUCH! I ADMIT I AM A MISFIT IN THIS WORLD BUT I AM PROUD OF BEING THE WAY I AM AND BEING WHO I AM. I may not have many friends, I may not be popular,I may not want friends either….but unlike some people, ALL I WANT IS MUSIC! I agree to you, L. Her whole album has given so much of inspiration that I can just listen to her songs and think about how all my flaw and her lyrics match! I love this post, L. I am really happy you posted this!

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