Am I Overthinking, or Is It Romance?

Hey Guys:

How are you? I’m a little nervous, because today, we’re venturing into the land of my love life; hold on tight, because this is complicated.

Basically… I’ve had no LONG TERM relationship before; two or three weeks at a time, and the whole “it’s not you, it’s me” break up.
*Before I edited this, I’d actually written “it’s not me, it’s you”. Oops…*
Yes, I’ve had crushes, and not just celebrity ones, although those do exist too, thank you. there’s a girl I know, who I like, and is a very close friend. We’ll call her H, for the sake of a name.

On those fun Facebook tests that you get, she’s always written that we’re too good friends for a relationship. And it’s true: we are very good friends. she’s one of the only people who I trust absolutely, and who has seen me in my darkest places, at my worst times. I like her, sure, but i’m not sure if I like like her, or if she’s more like a sister.

Anyway, this evening, she’s just offered me tickets to a concert, in Southampton [which is not where she’s from by the way], to see an artist, Nathan Grisdale, who I like. On top of this, she offered to pay for half of my ticket, because she wanted me to go, I guess. Of course, I said I’d ask my parents, but it should all be fine, and I’m pretty excited about that to be honest; it is always fun staying with H.

My question though: is this romance, or is my brain just jumping to conclusions? I don’t know if a romantic gesture would make me pleased, or frightened, or confused. She’s one of the people who I just don’t get panic attacks around, because she’s just so calm and with it, and knows me inside out. She knows what I like, and what frightens me, and what makes me absolutely freak. But, is this romance? Or am I overthinking it, as usual? I’ll go, regardless, but I can’t help but ponder…


20 thoughts on “Am I Overthinking, or Is It Romance?

  1. Honestly I don’t know but she definitely cares about you. Whether it’s romantic or not is another thing that I don’t know. But I hope you’ll be able to go!

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  2. I don’t think it’s possible for us to say, other than the fact you are both clearly good friends. Maybe just roll with it for a while, because you wouldn’t want to make things awkward if she’s just being friendly!

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  3. I think you guys as just friends, for now…but things might change! You may feel romantically about her and she may not feel the same about you but still….feelings and things can change! ALL THE BEST FOR THE CONCERT! HAVE FUN!

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      1. It shouldn’t. it freaks you out means that you do feel something for this person. It freaks you out because you care about what SHE will think! So its normal, just try to find if she feels something for you, without creeping her out! Kidding! I know you won’t….well if you were planning to, then don’t!

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  4. Firstly, she clearly feels the same way as you, comfortable and attached. But don’t make any moves if you aren’t 100% sure that you like like her, more than a friend, cause otherwise you might make things awkward. But if you like her, than make a move, you might be pleasantly surprised! Enjoy the concert! 🙂

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  5. I wouldn’t assume it’s a romantic gesture – it sounds more like a friend thing, to me. One thing you can be sure of, though, is that she cares about you in some way, and that’s a really precious thing, no matter what. I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions now, but just see how things pan out – ultimately only she will know if she likes you or not. X


  6. That’s so sweet! I don’t think you should be in any rush to label it, sometimes it’s nice just to go with the flow. If something develops you can decide how you feel then, but for now as she hasn’t said anything, it’s usually best to assume she’s just being friendly. Have fun at the concert! x

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