Well This Is Good

Hey guys:

I’m writing this as it is coming up to 1 o’clock, but to make a change, it’s 1PM, not 1AM. That’s an improvement, right?

Firstly, a bit of exciting news [well, exciting for me]. Remember the obsession I have with Alessia Cara? And the tickets that I ordered? Yeah, those ones… THEY HAVE ARRIVED!!! I’m not sure why that’s so exciting, because nothing’s really changed; I just have ownership of the ticket now, but still. It seems so much more exciting when the piece of paper that will get you in to see your favourite artist is in your own house, right? The postman put the ticket through the door, and I didn’t expect the ticket to be there, so I casually scooped up all of the letters and just handed them to my mum, who very calmly and casually went: “Oh, your ticket is here”, to which I went:
“OH MY GOD YESSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSS OH MY GOD THIS IS BRILLIANT YESSSSSSSSS”, dancing round the room like a Wild Thing [Alessia Cara pun]. Then they played Here on the radio, which made me freak out so much again. If you’re at all interested, I’ve posted a pic of the ticket on Twitter, which you really ought to follow, @CWarned. If you don’t follow it for whatever reason, you can see the Twitter feed on the home page to this blog.

Another less interesting thing that happened today was I ate beans. That sounds really random, but I need your opinion: is it weird to eat a bowl of mixed beans in tomato source for lunch, or is that perfectly acceptable? I really don’t know, but I liked it, so I didn’t see any harm.

I got up at 8AM this morning, which must be a record for me; I don’t even know why, or how, or… you get the idea. I even woke up at 02:30AM this morning, and was awake for an hour. I guess if that hadn’t happened, I’d have been up at 7 – that’s mental.

I’m going a bit mad here with Blog Admin – Blogmin, if you will. I’m not complaining – far from it. I’m just trying to keep twitter up-to-date, like and reply to your comments, and read your fantastic posts. If I don’t answer, like or in any way acknowledge your comment immediately, don’t worry. I try and take time over every comment and piece of feedback, but sometimes real life gets in the way; bloody inconvenient, no? This morning, therefore, I went through twitter, retweeting and tweeting and following and liking and replying; I read all of your comments and liked and replied to them; I’ve read a lot of posts, which is something I should do more often, and Ive organised my photos on my phone into cute little albums [which is completely unrelated to the blog].

I was thinking this morning too [no, no, please, don’t die of shock. I didn’t mean to hurt you], and thought the following: LifeOfBlind currently has a blog [clap, clap], Twitter, an email and Kik; if there is one, is there any type of social media or account that you’d like me to get for the blog? I want to get in touch with as many of you as possible, and I see social media as the optimal way to do this. Also, if you have any post suggestions – what you want me to write about -, please let me know. I want to write stuff that you guys are interested in, not just my usual crap.

I might blog again tonight; you never know. Someone is visiting the house in a while [2PM], so i’ll be off the blogosphere for a while I’m afraid. But I’ll return, don’t you worry!


18 thoughts on “Well This Is Good

  1. Congrats on posting at 1pm instead of 1am and also waking up at 8am!! :O
    no but seriously waking up at 8am is an achievement. And is it weird that I’m JUST AS EXCITED for you going to the ALESSIA CARA CONCERT even though I’m not going?

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  2. AHHH! I want to go see her in concert soon bad! But I have an audition for college so I can’t make it 😦 Post some recordings or give us a play-by-play of how it is!

    Liked by 2 people

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