The Power of Anonymity

Hey Guys:

Two posts in a day? This must be your lucky day! A double dose of me; now that’s special, right?

I thought i’d tell you guys what I’ve been thinking about recently. It’s a bit of a shock, and goes against pretty much everything I’ve said in the past, but you know… Meh. Anyway, I have thought about unanonymising this blog. [Is that even a word?] Yeah, I have thought about it. The fact is, these are my thoughts, and I have to take responsibility for them. They’re mine, and no one else’s, and however much I hide them in reality, they’re still there, festring away until I put them into words on this blog. Much of this blog is nothing too revealing about me; just a few stupid thoughts, my life in a paragraph and some weird comment discussions [which I absolutely love and live for].

But then again, there is stuff which I wouldn’t want people who know me to read. I’m sure you know which posts these are, and if you don’t, then count yourself lucky. If someone who knows me saw it, particularly professionals, I’d immediately be questioned on it, or reported for it. Reported to my parents, or social services, or whatever. To be honest, if someone knew enough about me, it wouldn’t take them long to figure out who I am, and then find out all about me on Google, or whatever. I’ve done my best to cut all ties, and to make sure I don’t do the stupid things, like follow my blog Twitter account.

I wonder: would it ruin the whole thing for you as a reader if I said my name, and who I was? Is the anonymity aspect important to you, or do you think otherwise? I mean really, there’s no way of me knowing that one of you other anonymous bloggers in my best friend, or my neighbour, or at my school, or my parent. I guess I just have to live hoping that no one pieces this together anytime soon.

Telling you guys who I am could get me into trouble. Nothing major, but as I always say, I don’t want some people reading this. In the same way, I’d absolutely love to have the freedom to tell you guys who I am, because you all mean so much to me, and I know that I can trust you. But as I say, would it ruin my blog for you, if you knew who I was? Or would it remain, unchanged, despite my name being attached to it…


37 thoughts on “The Power of Anonymity

  1. Anon or not, it doesn’t matter to me! And I’m sure lots of people think the same thing. Your blog is your thoughts. If you don’t want to reveal your identity, then don’t feel like you need to. If you do choose to uncover your identity, as long as your blog is what you want it to be, I can guarantee you’ll have plenty of supporters! ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. personally I don’t think sharing your name is anything that bad . I mean I shared my name on here but then as unique as it seem a lot of people has the same name . It’s just something I did so my readers could feel more connected to me . but the choice is yours.
    I just don’t see a problem with it because there would be another with your name . And I do get your point about you getting in trouble if someone you knew found out and I am too but then again it’s MY blog and it’s my truth . I am allowed to say what’s on my mind .


  3. Dude, its just a name and it doesn’t change a thing! I am going to get into shit cuz my friend said she’s making a blog and then she can read my posts which also talks about her and I am shit scared! So ya! ALL the VERY best to me! Cuz she’ll know I am talking about her. I am just freaking out since the moment she told me!! Anyways, great post!!

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  4. To us, it honestly doesn’t matter whether we know your name or not. It’s WHO you are and WHAT you say that matters. So if you WANT to put your name out there, then do it. But be 100% certain before you do, because you can never take that back.

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  5. You should do whatever makes you comfortable. Your blog is where you go to to express your emotions and whatnot and revealing a name won’t change a thing. Anonymous or not, we’ll still be here for you.

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