Snippets of my Dull Life

Hey Guys:

How are you today? I’m OK, but cold [more later], and fairly tired. I’m that kind of tired where you know you need sleep, and if you lie down in bed with a nice cup of tea, a book and the cat, you’ll fall asleep fairly quickly [after the tea, of course, because who’d waste a perfectly good cup of tea?], but at the same time, you want to stay up, and do stuff like blogging, or watching BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge performances, a personal favourite of mine.

Quite a lot happened today. Actually, not a lot really happened today, but I’ll tell you what did, because it might make you smile. If it doesn’t, I’m sorry, but you can’t claim a refund. Do feel free to write any complaints you have about this in the comments below, and i’ll be happy to answer all of your questions regarding your comment’s deletion on my site ;-]

At school this morning, I had band practice. I know, how very posh of me; I play the clarinet, if you weren’t aware. On my way over to the music block [yes, my school is that big], I have to cross a road which leads to the car park. It’s not a big road; parents use it to drop their kids mainly, but I was a good 30 minutes before the start of school [band is early], and therefore it was reasonably quiet. As I crossed, I walked confidently and proudly across the road, clarinet case in hand, head held high.
*The reality of it was that I had my chin nuzzled into my coat, my earphones in and my phone in my hand, but the above description sounds better, and builds up to the true action.*
As I placed my foot down off of the pavement, it slipped forward, away from me. The strength from which it slid away from me caused the other foot, and therefore the rest of my body, to follow, in a slow-motion ‘dive’, but less elegant. the foot which I first placed on the road lifted up, and it looked for a moment or two as if I was about to start the CanCan, although I was wearing a few more clothes. Eventually, I found myself on the ground, on my bum, legs extended, and shoulders dropped.

Yes, well done, you guessed it – ICE. Bloody stupid ice. A patch of ice spread a fair distance up the road, and covered its width entirely. The people ahead of me had successfully managed to cross the road without even a gentle glide. The people behind me crossed perfectly. I, on the other hand, slipped like a n idiot, and fell like a fish out of water [because it would be dead, and I guess dead things fall because of gravity, and yeah].

For the second day in a row today, the school’s heating system was broken. Fabulous – absolutely fabulous. There was one building out of seven which was warm, and I was in there for two of my five lessons. The rest of the school is freezing, and the heatng is unlikely to be fixed until the end of the week. It’s winter here in England, and temperatures are currently hovering around 0 celcius, although tomorrow they’re going to drop to -2 celcius; that school is going to be a right laugh on Monday morning. Oh yes, a right bloody laugh. In maths today, the teacher took the class out of the classroom, because it was just too cold; it’s colder indoors than out. Somehow, he managed to nab a classroom in the heated English block, so all was good for that lesson [thank God]. A similar thing happened this afternoon, in computing; we moved to a warm classroom, because it was literally just too cold in the non-heated buildings. I was shaking, which meant I couldn’t read my braille classwork, and others couldn’t write because their hands were shaking so violently.

A happier event, however, comes in the form of a birthday. My cat is twelve today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAT!!! I gave her a big hug, and a lot of kisses, and she’ll get some special biscuits tonight as a treat. She’s 60 in cat years, which is pretty old I guess, but she’s not quite made retirement just yet. It won’t be long…

do cats get bus passes when they hit 65?

so yeah, a winter’s day, I suppose you could say. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post; I’ve enjoyed writing it, and didn’t even notice that this post has become fairly long. I love writing posts that mean so much to you, or are just so needed, that you don’t even realise how much you’re writing about something until you see the little word count thing at 200-and-something, and you just go into shock. That happened when I wrote about IceGate [new term]; it clearly meant a lot to me emotionally. It was quite a sare when I just lost my grip and went down; at least it’s not on camera. I hope it’s not on camera anyway, because I know all too well ahat it would make a fabulous You’ve Been framed clip, and I can’t have my clumsiness earn someone £250, can I?


19 thoughts on “Snippets of my Dull Life

  1. Ouch! Hope you are fine! My friends would have probably laughed at me for the rest of the year! Anyways, by Radio BBC 1, I guess you must be talking about Alessia Cara’s performances and cover *wiggling eyebrows with a smirk*???HAHA! (I know you must be smiling now!) I play the violin, now! Happy Birthday To Your cat! Give her hugs and kisses from my side, cuz I can’t see her and also I am scared of cats! SO yeah! Great Post!

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  2. Happy birthday to your cat! And also my school had a heating problem during summer, where all the heating would randomly turn on, making the classrooms over 30 degrees… You also can’t control the heating from the classrooms because people would probably mess with it. We ended up having quite a few classes outside!

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