I’m Happy… Again

Hey Guys:

How are you? I’m absolutely fabulous, thank you for [hopefully] asking. I have several reasons for being happy, which I shall outline below:

Firstly, my last post, posted yesterday evening, was my 100th post on LifeOfBlind. I feel I should call it LOB, but that looks weird… But anyway, 100 posts; wow! I mean, I didn’t think that i’d last this long blogging, and I think my major motivation has been your guys fantastic feedback, and all of your views! thank you so so much for everything guys; it’s why I’m still here, writing this actual post. Yes, this ACTUAL one, I know…

Now, in regards to my post last night; a quick recap, before I continue:
there’s a trot singer called Alessia Cara, who is performing in London in March who I really REALLY wanted to go and see live but I doubted my parents would let me as it’s a school night and they don’t like me going out to concerts at the best of times and it doesn’t finish until 11pm, but all the same I really wanted to see Alessia live because I’ve been a fan of her music since day 1 and she’s just so amazing and this is a very long sentence, don’t you think?
You guys told me to ask the parents, and so, as your advice has never been wrong thus far, I asked. And the result…

I. Am. Going!!! I’m absolutely so excited [so much so that I care not of bad grammar], because she’s awesome and wow! I bought my ticket and I bought the album on CD too and I literally just ran around my room in circles screaming and crying and tweeting and texting and crying more and singing her music at the top of my voice. Then I remembered my physics homework… And promptly forgot it again because I’m going to see alessia cara and that’s all that really matters right now, and right then too.

As you might be able to tell, I’m a fan of alessia Cara.

third reason for happiness: I’m drinking orange juice; need I say more?


23 thoughts on “I’m Happy… Again

  1. I am huge fan too, but you probably knw that already! I am happy your parents allowed you because mine? THEY DON’T. EVER. ALLOW. So all I have to do is wait till I turn fifteen!! Since after that I go for boarding!!

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