Building Up Courage

Hey Guys:

How are you? I’m OK, thanks for asking [you didn’t ask? RUDE.], and have just finished ALL the homeworks – good times! I had physics and history, and although I’m not all that great at physics, I got it done fairly quickly, and the history was all about World War I tanks, so that was interesting.

I’m building up courage at the moment, and it’s for something that I know will sound ridiculous. But I’ll tell you guys anyway, because you all know how stupid I am already; what’s a little bit more, eh?

*Why does everyone always start a long story with ‘basically’, when the story they’re about to tell is, invariably, about as basic as unpacking and assembling a flatpack table with three screws missing, packaged in a superglued cardboard box with a padlock that has no key. Basically [had to put that one there], not very basic! Anyway, back to the story.*
…, I’ve never been to a concert alone before. i’m a 14-year-old boy in London, and going to a concert alone would be like offering the sniper the gun, if you see what I mean: it’s just dangerous. Now, I’m not asking to go to a concert alone: I’m asking to go to a concert. Alessia Cara, an up-and-coming artist from Canada who you should REALLY check out and who I’m always retweeting on my blog Twitter [imaginary comma for breath there please] is playing in London in March. It’s a Wednesday, and the last school night of the term, and I really REALLy want to go. I can afford my ticket, and need a parent to come with me. I’m going to ask them tonight, and see what they say, because I’m so desperate to go see her live; she’s literally my favourite artist of all itme, and has been ever since I discovered her YouTube channel a year and a bit ago. I’ve watched her become famous, and her journey has been so inspirational. Plus, she’s an amazing musician; I mean AMAZING!

Do you think I should ask? I’m so desperate to go, and I want to see her so much; it’ll be awesome if I get to go…

Now, a little request, which sounds needy and is but i’m not ashamed:
I’d really love to interact with more of you guys through chatting, Twitter [particularly Twitter] please. If you guys could get in touch, I’d love to speak to more of you, if your comfortable with that, and to get to know you. You’re my readers, and so therefore probably as mad as I am, and I’d love to know you a little better [that sounds wrong].


43 thoughts on “Building Up Courage

  1. YES, I think you should definitely ask! The worst they’re going to say is no, right? And all they then need is a little bit of convincing. God I hope they say yes, it would be amazing for you!

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  2. You should definitely try! Otherwise try to find a friend to go with? since your 14 most places will probably allow you in without a parent. I’m going to see Halsey and Troye Sivan soon in London with a friend and I’m only 15, and I know that the two venues allow 14 year olds without an older person accompanying them. Concerts are such an amazing experience, especially if your seeing someone you’ve watched grow and become famous. If you have an Instagram we could talk? Only if you want to though πŸ˜„ Xx

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  3. Definitely ask!! Concerts are amazing and are like a once in a lifetime opportunity. Jealous of you – Alessia Cara is amazing!!
    (Oh, just realised they you are going according to your comment above. HAVE HEAPS OF FUN & I’m a bit jealous hehe we’ve swapped roles now if you get what I mean)

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  4. Okay…….YOU are MY BEST FRIEND! My friends, and I mean school friends, haven’t heard Alessia Cara’s name! I couldn’t believe it! I was on the verge of slapping, actually murdering, them when they gave me this are-you-crazy-to-talk-about-someone-i-don’t-know look. I love her so much, too!And definitely you should ask your parents because you will only get this once in a while! Believe me, I missed so many concerts because of my studies and my parents permission and shit that I regret it now! SO go! Live your life! I would runaway from home if I were you!

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  5. OMG I LOVE ALESSIA CARA SO MUCH. she’s amazing! i really think you should ask your parents if you could go, because you can’t miss out on an such an opportunity! i hope all works out, i love alessia so much!
    and i have a twitter. πŸ™‚ i don’t have a blog one, but my personal one is @whoaitsbellax. what’s yours?

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  6. umm, “consider yourself warned”
    sit down and take a deep breath for i shall tell you a very overwhelmingly sad tale.
    I am 19 and i have NEVER attended a concert in my life.
    would you please tell me how you got your parents to agree ?
    *squats down and starts crying*

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      1. ummm my interests range from metal to k-pop.
        but where i live, we just have really good rock bands. so yeah i want to go to a rock concert

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