You Can Do great things

Hey Guys:

How are you? If you’re a member of the
fan club [new club], and the L fan club [mine!], you’ll know that we went away on a weekend this, er, weekend. Well done L, well done…
You’ll also know that we’re back, hence Elm’s recent post. Well, we’re back, and I’m annoyed that she beat me to posting, but I had to do some coursework for school tomorrow morning, and I’m now putting off going to bed, for the sake of writing to you guys. Aww, how nice of me, right?

I have a tendency to start the first main paragraph of my posts with the subject of the post, so I thought this time, I’d put a sentence first. You can do great things. there, mixing it up a bit; alwys good!

Was that really deserving of its own paragraph? Oh well… Anyway, great things, L; get on with it. I suppose, this weekend, I’ve seen a lot of people who, in their own way, have achieved great things. Now, let me clarify: great is a term I use loosely. Great to me will not be great to you, and great to you might not be great to me. So, I guess in our own ways, we’re all great. We’re great because each and every one of us has achieved something, and at the time, that is great.
*I’m beginning to really detest the word great, so I’m going to write the word trot every time I want to write the word great. That’s trot…*

During the weekend, I met a blogger who had her blog get popular amongst fashion people and visually impaired people. She’s a UK blogger, and uses WordPress [trot choice]; you can check out her blog
She achieved something trot, because that was her dream, and her goal for blogging. In the same way, there were people on the weekend who, over the just-under-48-hours, made friends, or increased their independence. And to them, that’s absolutely bloody trot.

In no way am Isaying that people who are internationally recognised for doing trot things aren’t, well, trot, but I think that there is not enough acknowledgement of the fact that each and every one of us can do trot things, for ourselves and for one another. Managing to run a mile in a set time – that’s trot. making a friend – that’s trot. Making someone a drink – that’s bloody trot. And by doing something trot, that makes you even trotter than the trot action.

So think about it. It can really lift your spirit, knowing that you can do trot things if you want to. Just because you won’t necessarily be pointed out as being a trot person for doing X, Y or Z, why does that make you less trot?

stay trot people:


9 thoughts on “You Can Do great things

  1. MAN, this post was trot. That blogger we met this weekend was trot too – I haven’t seen her blog yet, but I bet it’s trot. I think EVERYONE we met was amazing, because they told their own story and I made the most unlikely (or NOT SO UNLIKELY) friend.

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