Back To Worry

Hey guys:

It’s back to school today, and I’m worried. I guess over the last couple of weeks, I have been anxiety-free, because there’s been no school. Now I’m going back, things are different. I tricked myself over this holiday, told myself that I was fine – that it was fine. Now, I don’t believe myself.

What if I’m bullied? I guess that’s the biggest thing for me. I’m not popular, nor am I particularly interested in being so. I’ve got nothing unique to offer, nothing good to like. And so, that makes me an ideal target.

What if I fail? What if I can’t cope with stress, with work? What if my exams go wrong, or the answers to any and all of the questions just float out of my head, as they always do? What if I make a fool of myself in front of everyone?

Sorry for this. I needed to write it down.


21 thoughts on “Back To Worry

  1. You don’t need to feel sorry about this post because I’m sure there are plenty of others feeling exactly the same way. You should believe in yourself, and you should know that you have lots of unique stuff to offer. Even simply your writing and your thoughts on this blog have been unique. And as for bullying, yes it’s scary to think about, but surely you have friends who will stick with you. And if you don’t want to be an ‘ideal target’ then you just need to believe in yourself and be confident. Honestly, I reckon being confident or at the very least appearing confident will make a difference. And you will be okay. You won’t fail, you might struggle, but you won’t fail. Just work hard and put your mind to it, and try your hardest to believe in yourself. Good luck for school, try to enjoy yourself as best you can. x

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  2. You will be FINE. If you believe in yourself you can do anything.. I know that sounds cheesy but it’s true. And don’t say you will FAIL! You will not! There will be rough patches but you will always get through. Good luck with school xx I hope it all works out.

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  3. you’ll be fine! never apologize for writing out your feelings because your feelings matter to me and so many other people who read your blog. what helps me a lot whenever i’m feeling anxious or stressed is that i just try not to think about it too much and instead focus my energy on the positive. i know its easier said than done but once you start trying to maintain a positive mindset things will turn out well. πŸ™‚ and about the bullying – try not to let them get to you. i think as long as you surround yourself with true friends who won’t treat you badly and will stick up for you, you will be fine. if it gets to a certain point feel free to tell an adult, they would really be able to help. good luck at school, we’re all rooting for you! πŸ™‚

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  4. You will be fine! Trust yourself and keep your head held high! Never let people bully you and never doubt how strong you are! Remember, bullies are even more effed up on the inside than we are! And that for them is punishment enough! You just stick to your studies, friends and confidence! Don’t let anybody tell you that you aren’t good enough!


  5. I used to and actually still feel this way everytime before school starts. It can happen to anybody at anytime and this post is just going to help people who are feeling the exact same way. Also, from what I have read from your blog, you definitely have a lot to offer so give yourself a little credit πŸ™‚

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  6. Reading this, I was actually mind blown. I didn’t think it was real because it’s SO freakishly similar to how I’ve been feeling that it’s almost exactly the same. I too had a good holiday, stress-free and now school is back…well, I can’t exactly say the same stress wise. But we’ll get through this, we always do. Plus we have our blogs and all these amazing people and each other πŸ™‚


  7. You never need to apologise for the way you feel! Everyone is scared of being a target on the tiny chance it happens you know what to do. Its drilled into us in plenty of boring repetitive assemblies! So chin up! And whenever i feel like that i sing ‘tomorrow’ from annie. X

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  8. Hi, before anything else, never apologize for expressing yourself and for writing down what you feel. I mean it. Never. You have every right to express yourself when and where you want to.

    I totally get what you mean. My classes will resume this January 15, and I’m very anxious about everything. I’ve heard that two of my majors this semester are two of the most difficult engineering subjects I’ll ever come across in my degree program. I can’t even. Huhu. Still, worrying won’t solve anything. So I’m trying to minimize it as much as possible. I hope you do the same!

    And I hope we can be friends as well. You seem pretty interesting, and I’d love to get to know you more.

    Shealea @ that bookshelf bitch

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    1. Thanks for the comment! I think that’s probably the best thing: just not think about it, or focus on the positives instead of the negatives. You should get in touch; there’s a contact page on my site πŸ™‚


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