Some thoughts

Hey Guys:

This is a late post for me, considering I’ve been off school today [for the last day of the holidays], and I’ve done pretty much nothing. Anyway, I’m here now, so don’t cry. Why are you crying? i’m not that bad…

So, some thoughts which I had today, and I thought you might find amusing:
Why are headphones not called a headphone? There’s only one of them…
Same with jeans

Oh my God, this gym was not a good plan for a new year’s resolution…

Why is there a fizzy drinks machine in the gym? Why are you putting me through this pain?
Actually, what’s that sign over the machine…
“Did you know that I can take credit cards?”
Who would pay for a fizzy drink with a credit card? That’s just weird…

Why is washing up water invariably hot? It hurts…

What’s this brown stuff in a cup near my bed?
Oh, it’s tea… How nice of my family…
I must be up early; the tea is still warm!

That probably summed up my day reasonably well. Before you say anything to the contrary, I actually did enter a gym. I even stayed for longer than 30 seconds; I was impressed! That was one of my few [well, one] new year’s resolutions: to go to the gym. and so, 04/01, I went for it. Apparently, everybody else had exactly the same idea, but the gym person [why are the gym assistants always so sporty and never a fat blob?] said that it would be dead again in about a week.

Quick money saving idea: Why don’t people sign up to work at the gym? Therefore, you’d get paid for using the gym; brilliant insentive to get trim ‘n’ fit… I should try this when I’m of age.

Anyway, that’s it for today. I don’t know how frequent posts will be for the next couple of days, whilst I get back into the swing of school life. Considering I nearly didn’t post today, we have no hope for the next week! Regardless, I hope to speak to you all soon; love you!


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