A Really Ridiculous Thing

Hey Guys:

How are you? Good day?
I can’t hear you and I’m not interested.
I am…
I’m not so back to me.
Little Miranda quote there; thought you’d enjoy much. I’m in a brilliantly cheerful mood, which I’ll explain in a very short while in this relatively short post.

I usually blog from either my iPhone or my iPad, depending which is nearer, which has battery and which looks more appealing on the day [not that I’m blind or anything, nope, not at all]. I struggle to write my longer posts – well, any of my posts really, because they’re all pretty long – on the on-screen keyboard. You know, that’s the one on the screen, which makes the cool clicking sound when you type. Glad we’ve established that now.

Instead, I use a Bluetooth keyboard to type my posts, because I can get things down a lot quicker, and my thoughts flow better. On Friday, n the early hours, I dropped my Bluetooth keyboard and it broke!!! This was a 2016 disaster, but Amazon was there to save the day; I ordered a new one, and it arrived today. You have no idea how thrilled I was, and my parents thought i’d lost the plt, not that I ever had the plot to begin with or anything. So now, I can blog again from my phone and from my iPad, and not just from my laptop. I mean blogging from the laptop is fine, but the screen is not easy to hide in an instant if a parent wanders in halfway through writing a post.

Sorry for this really random and not very interesting piece of information from my life. I was just so thrilled, and I thought that I should share my thrilledness with you.


12 thoughts on “A Really Ridiculous Thing

  1. I used to write posts from my laptop but now I’ve discovered the joys of posting from an iPad…I love the clicking sounds! I’m glad everything’s back to normal!☺

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  2. I know how you feel! I have tons of brothers and sisters so it’s hard to sneak in an “anonymous” blog post while using a laptop. Anything you are thrilled about is an interesting piece of information, by the way.

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  3. The clicking sounds when you type on the iPad keyboard are honestly so great… I also mostly blog from my iPad because my brother is really annoying and always wants to know what I’m doing

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