Where There’s A Will, there’s A way

Hey Guys:

It’s early here – 04:17 as I write this, and I haven’t quite got around to sleeping yet. I’m currently watching Mrs brown’s Boys [if you don’t know it, and like british humour, you should look it up], chewing mint chewing gum and looking after a rather depressed cat. She’s had her flee treatment [just a spray], and is feeling rather sorry for herself, so I gave her a mint.
she’s a cat; of course I didn’t!
Or did I…

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way”
When I was in hospital as a young child, and even to the present day when I have operations and hospital trips, my mum likes to remind me of this expression. I’m not always in my best, optimistic mood when in or around hospital, and I know it’s clear to see. I put on a brave face, because I know it hurts my mum to see me like that, and I know she goes out of her way to try and make the best of a bad situation. I should probably give some background on the hospital front. It’s probably going to look a bit disjointed; I find it hard to talk about this, because its ongoing.

When I was a baby, I had eye cancer and consequently had my left eye removed. At the age of six, due to a return of the cancer, I had my right eye removed. To this day, I’ve had operation after operation, due to problems with my eye socket [it’s not that gory to be honest]. My last operation was meant to be in 2011, and then 2012, and then 2013… You get the picture. My most recent operation was in July of 2015, and I’m currently having new artificial eyes molded again. I know that I will have to have at least one more operation, and that’s if things go smoothly now.

The hospital I have to go to is in a city in England called Birmingham. It’s an hour and a half train journey for me from home in London. That’s always a hard train journey, because both my mum and me are on edge, nervous but trying to pretend it’s OK for the other’s benefit. And that’s when she’ll remind me that where there’s a will, there’s a way.

I suppose she’s right. Anyone who wants something enough can achieve it, because they have that passion. I used to wonder why she reminded me of that when going to hospital. My only desire was to stay on that train whilst it turned around, and to be sped back to London, back to home. As I got older, however, I guess the meaning sunk in. My desire, aside from going home, was to stay strong, and to keep my spirits high. The way to achieve that is to forget the negativity, and keep a smile on my face. I think, in a roundabout way, she was trying to tell me that, with an upbeat attitude, things would get better, and things would BE better whilst my situation was, and still is, far from brilliant.

For my 14th birthday, just a few days ago, my mum bought me a bracelet. It’s made of leather straps, all intertwined with one another, farcened at the bottom with an intricately designed clasp. On the top of the bracelet is a rectangular metal plate, engraved on which is the following:
“Where there’s a will there’s a way”.

It may not have been the most expensive present someone’s ever bought me, or the most glamourous, although I do like it very much. It’s the most thoughtful and meaningful though and as it sits upon my wrist, it reminds me who I am. That sounds cheesy I know, but it brings back everything to do with who I am, where I’ve come from and all the memories my mum and I have shared. We have our fair share of fallouts and disagreements, but through it all, we’ve got that all important parent/child relationship, and I suppose that’s what’s important in the end.

Perhaps you think i’m being emotional and stupid, but just think: I’m sure you have one phrase, or item that you treasure more than anything else. If you feel comfortable doing so, I’d love for you to tell me what it is. Of course, I understand that some of your phrases/items are going to be very personal, and if you don’t want to tell me about them, I understand why. And if you do, I’ll respect that decision.


32 thoughts on “Where There’s A Will, there’s A way

  1. I treasure four items very dearly but one of them is something you could get anywhere.
    Its the earbuds that came with my phone, it connects me to the music world when I’m outside, or when its late at night. It’s just really special to me and I always bring it outside with me. Like this one time I had a mini panic attack when I couldn’t find it for a while. I’ll never leave the house without my earbuds. It might sound stupid but it means alot to me 🙂

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  2. The letters from my grandma. I’ve kept them all, she sent them when she was in a nursing home in a different state. Some of them are just notes, others are full of her best advice. But either way they’re all really special to me, because they hold onto my memories of her and all the advice she wrote in them is so helpful.

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    1. I think that that’s a lovely thing to hang onto. Family memories are perhaps the most important, and I think you’re so lucky to have those letters. I guess in cases like that, it doesn’t really matter how helpful they are: they’re from your grandma, and they’re directed to you. They’re always be special to you, and that’s all that matters X

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  3. There was a nice pen my dad gave me. It was a pen I used everyday until the ink ran out. I really liked the pen and was kinda bummed because it meant a lot even if it was just a pen. He also got me an expensive ring,bracelet and necklace set. Some people might think it is special because its expensive but to be honest its something far from that. It might sound silly…the pen thing…but it meant a hell of a lot to me. 🙂

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  4. I read this and I think it’s so beautiful. The stories of you on the train and you receiving that bracelet really made me think. There must be things I hang onto as well, but the only one I can think of is a necklace with my name on that reminds me of my Grandpa.

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  5. I’m sorry that you’ve had to suffer so at such a young age. My grandma had cancer but thankfully, she’s been cancer-free since 6 years now:)
    The only thing I treasure (that I can think of) is this empty tube of chapstick.
    Gosh, that sounds SO weird, but it is. I’ve never thrown it away because it reminds me of a very special time in my life:)

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  6. This is such a great post and your mother is so sweet to remind you that in your toughest moments. A phrase I really like and constantly tell myself is “I’m in search of the Great Manifesto’ which basically means to want to remain in memory. This drives me to try do great or at least moderately great things because of the urge to be accounted for something. Another thing that is very important to me is, in fact, neither a physical object nor a figure of speech…it’s something more complex and extraordinary. My memories of all my amazing moments! Is that allowed? Once again this is a great post and I hope your operation happens in your favour. 😊💙

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  7. Your story is really touching. Your mum seems like the most thoughtful and sweetest person ever and I’m glad you have someone like her in your life 🙂
    I can’t really think of things I hang on to on the top of my head, but my scrapbook that my friends got me last- wait two years ago (I can’t believe 2014 was two years ago now :o), for my birthday and this old Chinese bracelet that my grandma gave me are pretty special 😀

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  8. I have this teddy bear from before I was born… I still struggle with the idea that I might someday live without him even if I don’t take him with me on holiday.

    I also wanted to share my mums quote that is her special thing- “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to past, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

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  9. That was a heartfelt story. You have an amazing mother, and it’s nice that you have someone like that around you in tough times.
    Something I keep with me is this necklace that I have that has my name on it in Egyptian Hieroglyphs. My grandparents that I had never met gave it to me as a child, and I have kept it ever since.

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  10. This was really thought provoking. My treasured item is also a bracelet from my Mum, she gave it to me before my mock exams. Most people think its just for good luck but my mum knows I don’t believe in luck so it serves more as a reminder to do the best I can in the moment. Also, I do not get Mrs Brown’s boys at all!

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  11. It was a lovely post. Well idk there were these cute anime stickers my brother gave me when I was going away for college. I was getting teary eyed & was all like you will forget me when i go .He is not the most expressive person but I remember fighting with him the day before for just one sticker. So when I was crying , he just gave me the whole bunch of it & it made me so happy that I stuck it on my phone .I didn’t care if anyone called it silly but i i wanted it where i could see it often for it was my brother’s gift

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  12. I have a ton of charms and jewelry that I hold dear. Although I don’t wear jewelry, I keep it rather than give it away because it’s something special people have given to me. Also, I’ve had a blanket from childhood still sitting in my room, even though it’s been 14 years, and I still love it, as odd as that might be. xP
    I think that quote is beautiful, and it’s nice that your mom got you a bracelet of it, reminding you to stay strong. 🙂

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