Hey guys:

How are you? So I thought today I’d give poetry a shot. I was feeling quite down, about recent situations, and wanted to express my feelings about what’s been happening. The poem is untitled, because I think it’s better that way, to be honest. Take a look:

I sit and stare, at what used to be,
The flowers that grew, the waving trees.
I sit and watch, as before my eyes,
The plants of friendship, shrivel and die.

I sit and wonder, ’bout what could have been,
If I’d remained, unable to see.
I sit and consider, how it could’ve turned out,
If I’d not been given, the warning shout.

My friend you were, but are no more.
A friendship left, broken and torn.
And yet I regret,
But yet I do not.
I wish you were here,
It’s my fault you’re not.

I rise to my feet, but cannot take a step,
With sorrow to my right, regret to my left.
I wade through the misery, unable to cry,
Because really it’s your fault, that I said goodbye.

Why did you do that, oh why, oh why,
Did you break that friendship, between you and I?
By telling them stories, words of untruth,
Knowing meanwhile, that I needed you?

My friend you were, but are no more.
A friendship left, broken and torn.
And yet I regret,
But yet I do not.
I wish you were here,
It’s your fault you’re not.

I can say no more, it’s too hard to go on,
Once you fired, your final shot.
My wounds they bleed, but blood will dry,
But I’ll always hurt, from saying goodbye.


26 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. I’ve only recently started appreciating the art of poetry and let me just say…this is so expressive and I honestly feel exactly what you were trying to convey throughout the poem! You should give poetry a shot a whole lot more! I hope whatever troubled you have will resolve quickly because you deserve more than that. Everything happens for a reason so you may be hurting now but that’ll make you a stronger person at the end of it all😊

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    1. That’s pretty the first time I’ve ever tried poetry… Thank you for your support, I might give it a go again, when I’m in a similar mood, because it really help and me cheer up. I guess it gave me something else to focus on, and that helped me. πŸ™‚

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      1. It’s really good that you’re using literature as an outlet for your emotions! And for a first try that was pretty awesome! XD

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  2. Amazing. Beautifully written. Love this. Also, I remember that my one friends I had because of this poem. We were very close then we grew, grew apart. I was trying to communicate with him but he’s not replying any messages. Then, I was kind of feeling it’s my fault that this friendship broke. Well, past is past. Haha, I think you should try more poetry.

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    1. It’s sad when things like that happen, and you can feel confused about who’s fault it really is. However much you try and continue a friendship, you always think that you could have done more, when really, they should have been doing more. Thank you for the support πŸ˜€

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