Types of People at New Year’s

Hey Guys:

so, another treat for you all, considering it’s 2016!!! Happy 2016 to you all – THAT JUST SOUNDS WEIRD, NO? Anyway, I knew that I couldn’t do the festive occasion justice with my own writing skills [if they’re worthy of that word], so I enlisted the help of one of our favourite bloggers in the Blogosphere. She is full of talent, and a wonderful blogger: I’m actually really honoured that she agreed to write here to be honest! If you want to check out her blog, you can do so
by clicking here,
but I’ll let her introduce herself, because I think I’d spoil the moment if I did it. Over to you, mystery guest blogger:

Hellooooo readers of L’s blog!!! I’m Selfie and I have decided to take over his blog forever. Enjoy my piercing words in your reader.
No. No. I’m just kidding. Don’t want you people to suffer.
A HUGE thanks to L for letting me guest post on his AMAZING blog. Thank you:)

So, New Years just passed us (By the way, Happy 2016 everyone!!) and on this day, there are various traditions that people follow. And various people who follow traditions (Yes, those two ARE different). And I’m here to categorize the various people you tend to run into on New Years. Enjoy while I place human beings into highly stereotypical categories. Yup.

1. The Countdown
Now this type of person is someone who will NEVER let you forget how many days are left until ‘New Year, New Me’. This person can usually be found in their room, crossing out days on their calendar. Or, if they are more expressive then, “Only TWO MORE DAYS TILL NEW YEARS” can be a common occurrence when you’re talking to them.
And this person will be the one who will look at the clock and say: 3, 2, 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

2. The “I Don’t Care”
This type of person is RADICALLY opposite The Countdown. The ‘I Don’t Care’ couldn’t be less bothered if it’s New Year’s or Easter. This person can usually be found fast asleep when the clock strikes 12 on 1st January.

3. The Crazy One.
Honestly, the Crazy One just needs an excuse to party. During the New Year’s Eve party, or the New Years party, this person will probably be the first one to get drunk and the last one dancing.

4. The Resolutions
Ahhh. My favorite one. The Resolution is the person who has all their goals and resolutions planned out. Their room will consist of: Lists stuck on walls, paper strewn everywhere, many different colored pens and; a frenzied mind.
This person is the one who will have around a hundred resolutions on many sheets of paper, and will be encouraging (aka forcing) you to do the same.

5. The Hopeless Romantic
Ahhh… The Hopeless Romantic. This person thinks of New Years as another day to celebrate some sort of anniversary with their significant other. You’ll probably hear them say something along the lines of “This is my my first New Years with my cuddly boo” or “Can you believe it’s been 27 days, 5 hours, 4 minutes and 32 seconds since he asked me out? Oh my god, just how time flies ahhh”. And YOU will be obliged to say “Awwwww” all the time.
Thank God for “awwww” when you really want to punch someone.
This person will be the one who will kiss their significant other the second the clock strikes twelve. But really, I think this little act of affection deserves a very authentic “Aawwwww”. No? Just me? Okay then.

And that’s it! That’s all I can think of, really. And this post was just a poke at some light hearted fun. I don’t mean to offend anyone. Please, don’t kill me.

Personally, I feel all of us are a healthy blend of all these five people. What do you think?

And thanks again to L for letting me post on his blog. A round of applause please.
If you enjoyed this post and would like to check out my own blog,The Meandering Course, then click here. If you don’t want to, then that’s alright. I’ll live.

Signing off now, I hope you enjoyed that little rant and let me know if I missed any people in the comments down below 🙂
Happy New Year everyone. Have a smashing year ahead :-]


Thank you so much for your kind words about my blog, selfie, and may I just add what an EXCELLENT post that was to launch us into 2016? I may? Why, thank you!

Wishing everyone a fabulous 2016, and I will see you all very soon; DON’T GET TOO DRUNK!!!


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      1. Look at me, being all hilarious and stuff *hair flip* . Who knows? Maybe one day…one day, you wait!;)
        Oh gosh, you know, I saw that video and she had posted it on 4th Jan and I wrote this on 1st Jan and now I’m like, AM I A PSYCHIC!?!??!?!!? XD

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