Even the Bad Things Must Come to an End

Hey Guys:

How are you? i’m good, and feeling really happy, because the blog this morning has just been crazy! I can’t thank everyone enough for commenting, liking, following, reading… just everything!

Tomorrow is my birthday [MY birthday, Elm, MY birthday], and I just wanted to talk about the last day of being 13. for some reason, sitting and thinking about this before I starting typing this post, I got quite emotional. This year has been quite a big one for me, with ups and downs, twists and turns, and an assortment of hidden surpises, some good, some not so good. Things have gone my way, and things haven’t gone my way; life has developed and yet, in some ways, I feel like I’m exactly where I was 365 days ago.

I thought about this post, as I do with all of my posts, before I began to write it, and so I came up with the idea of writing down the three most important things, in my perspective, that have happened this year. So, let’s together essentially review my year: ENJOY!

I can’t start this list in any other way but with the blog. 2015, for me, will always be the year of the blog. I know I only stated it in October [was it really only October, and nearly November at that?] but it feels like I’ve been doing this forever. It feels to me so much like home, like where I belong, that I feel I’ve always been here, always blogging, always reading your lovely comments, and always hearing that uplifting but scary-at-2am jingle from the WordPress app on my iPad and iPhone. Blogging has really set me free, allowing me to talk, and to say the things that I was quite frankly too frightened to say anywhere else. I’ve finally found a community that is open to diversity, and to different, because I suppose in a way, we’re all different here, but different in the same way, because of our blogs. I’ve fallen in love with blogging this year; there’s nothing I’d rather be doing more. Of course, I have no issue with people who prefer to vlog, or keep a personal diary, or do nothing in that regard at all. But personally, I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with blogging, and that’s why it’s made my year.

The next thing on my list has to be travel. I’ve always been one for travelling; it’s exciting, adventurous and provides a chance for things to go wrong. However unappealing that sounds, I quite like things to go wrong from time to time [I’ve just cursed myself], because it provides something new, exciting and slightly risky, but gives you that feeling of true success wihen you survive it. I’ve always travelled around the UK with my family, but this year, I’ve been travelling the UK alone, by train, to see friends, family and to partake in the hobbies wihich I enjoy most. In May, I also went to France for she first time, for a week’s sailig down in the south with my school, and wnnt again in June/July, for a meant-to-be-1-day-visit-but-it-was-2-because-the-Eurotunnel-got-closed trip. I’ve learnt so many different travel skills, and that just feels truly brilliant; I couldn’t have asked for better. and so I suppose that makes my 13th year the year of travel.

And finally, I wanted to mention something else. in August, I took part in a coast-to-coast [west of England to east of England] tandem k=bike ride, to raise money for an organisation who organise the sport which I play. Together, fifteen tandem pairs raised over £10000, which we were all so thrilled with. I’d never done a charity event before, or at least nothing major, and nothing of this type. I guess I felt that, considering there were only 30 people cycling, I felt important, however selfish that sounds. I felt like what I was doing was truly making a difference, because without me, there’d only be 28 people [because of the other person on my tandem]. I was also doing something – one thing – for 3 days solid, and I guess that kind of drills into you what you’re really doing, and that what you’re doing is actually honourable, and helpful. Sure, donating to charities is great, and paying to do something at a fair which is rasing money for insert-name-here is wonderful, and very important, but doing a challenge, and achieving your goal, is something completely new, different and wonderful.

I suppose this post has just shown me how much positivity has been in my life this year. From travelling, to blogging, to cycling across England in three days, things were pretty good. Sure, there were bad times, but one of my favourite expressions can be used here to dismiss them:
“It’s not about where you were, it’s about where you are, and where you’re going next.”

And so, to new beginnings [*clinks imaginary glass*] and to an incredible year ahead. I can’t wait to see what’s in store, but I guess the most important bit is, I’m going to keep blogging. DON’T SIGH, I thought you liked my blog! I’m offended now; I’m off to cry in a corner, before my imaginary birthday party tomorrow. Bye.


30 thoughts on “Even the Bad Things Must Come to an End

  1. Hey!! I turned 14 yesterday!! And I think you are very mature for your age too (even though I am your age….) xD Congrats on raising all of that money for charity!

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  2. Happy birthday for tomorrow! I’ve certainly loved getting to know you, and this whole community this year too! And, for the record, traveling the UK is one of my favourite things too! I wish I could do it on my own as well! 😊 and that cycling sounds amazing, well done!

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  3. Happy early birthday!!! Do something crazy. Like go upto to some random person on the street and be like “will you be my bae? It’s my birthday so you can’t say no”
    The thing I’ve learned in life is that everything seems to matter when you’re there in the moment but when you think back to it you realize there was no point in being nice or hiding who you were or caring about what others thought of it. I’ve realized that most people don’t really see you the way you think they do and that every person you meet has a different reaction and that’s why sometimes it’s fun to do something a bit crazy.
    Also omg you’re 14 you sound so mature!

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