Don’t Mind Me: I’m Obsessional

Hey Guys:

OK, so as I write this I’m kinda freaking out, because I’ve got just under an hour left of being 13. It’s been such a mental, crazy year, but as I said on Twitter, I like crazy, so here’s to an even crazier 2016, and 14th year alive. I seem to have the ability to turn anything happy into a morbid thought, just by including one of the following words: alive, dead, living, death, die, died. I’m skilled…

so, this blog post is a bit of a funny one for me; I think it’s the pre-birthday hyper stage [we all have it, just admit it]. In short, I bought a bag on Saturday in Brighton…
*Quick advert for myself: You can check out my post all about my Brighton trip
if you’re interested.*
…which I’m slightly in love with. It’s like a green-and-brown kind of colour, and a shoulder bag. I like it because, unlike my old shoulder bag, it has a zip [as did my old bag], but poppers-dressed-as-buckles over the top. My old bag had Velcro, which came undone really easily, especially if the bag was quite heavy, which with me it was. Look, I need my filled water bottle, OK?

I’ve gone off topic here. So, I have this bag, and I want to fill it with all the necessaries [is that a word?], so it’s like my male version of a handbag [look, I’m naturally feminie]. I’m trying to pack it, and I’m not sure if I’ve got everything; it just doesn’t feel complete. So, I thought I’d list what I’ve got in it, and you guys could give suggestions of any additions I should make, or maybe what you have/would have in your bag.

Here goes:
– White cane [blindie essential]
– White cane holder [accessory]
– Symbol cane [blindie help]
– Smints [must-have]
– Peppermint chewing gum [must-have]
– Gloves [fingerless, of course]
– Wallet [and therefore money]
– Keys [I like to get in the door, you know?]
– Earphones [must-have]
– Portable charger [for USB cables, like my phone]
– Phone charger with wall-plug bit [you never know when there’ll be a charge chance]
– Mango hand sanitiser
– moisturising hand cream
– Deodorant
– Signature guide [to help me sign my name on forms etc]
– water bottle [I’m thirsty, OK?]
– iPhone [when I’m out]
– iPad [when necessary]

WHAT AM I MISSING? Any advice? What would you put in your bag? Would you even have a bag, or am I just going overboard? Maybe I love this bag too much… I mean, I bloody better love this bag, it was bloody Β£25, although it was from the Brighton Lanes, so that makes everything 100 times better. I’ve talked about how much I love The Lanes in the post I linked to above, but I really do love them. Stop, L, stop, before you start to obsess…

I literally just had to sit on my hands for about 3 minutes to prevent myself from typing about my love of The Lanes; it’s already on a post, L, no need to rewrite it, right?

Love you all, and a Happy Birthday to both myself [not self-centred], and to
as it’s her birthday tomorrow too! Best wishes floating your way through the Blogosphere…


43 thoughts on “Don’t Mind Me: I’m Obsessional

  1. Happy Birthday L and Elm! I hope you guy have a really good one!
    ~Hafsa πŸ™‚
    P.S You forgot to put tissue’s in your bag. Just in case. You know? πŸ˜›

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  2. do something unforgetable to prepare for the transition to almost-but -not -really- adult hood . I can borrow you my unicorn if you wanted to take a ride on it .

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  3. Happy birthday! Also, this bag sounds AWESOME! And especially awesome because you’re so excited about it! I am so jealous now, I want a bag that makes me this excited! Sounds great. I don’t know if there’s anything else I’d put in it… You’ve covered pretty much everything I can think of.. Maybe lip balm? A snack (that’s temporary but I always enjoy having something to snack on in my bag). Well happy birthday again and I hope you continue to love your new bag and use it a lot πŸ™‚

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  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I can’t believe you were 13, you’re so mature! (And frankly so are all the bloggers who I thought were 17 and turned out to be five years younger)
    I hope this year will be great for you; for me 13 was my worst but it all started to look up from there and it never stopped, and I hope it’ll be the same for you πŸ˜€

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  5. I love that you get so enthusiastic about accessories! The only Blindie essentials I carry are my symbol cane, sunglasses and phone (for all those times I get lost and need Google maps πŸ˜‚). I’d say a hairbrush/super-manly-comb, but I’m not sure how long your hair is so it might not be needed. Mine is just ridiculous – I’m 80% tangled blonde hair πŸ˜‚. And THANK GOD someone else carries hand sanitizer. I have a collection. It all started when o put my hand in spit holding onto the handrail down the stairs, and I didn’t have time to go wash them before History, and my teacher found it all too amusing!


      1. I had one hanging on the outside of my bag in a neon silicon case and a teacher thought it was a torch! I understand your obsession, and its certainly not the worst one out there!

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      2. Ooh mango!!!! So jealous of you right now! I have a vanilla (my personal fave), coconut, strawberry, mixed berry, pink grapefruit and honeycomb πŸ“πŸπŸŠπŸ‡

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      3. They’re the best things. You can get the bath and body works ones REALLY cheap on eBay, and the rest are from the Body Shop. I highly recommend 🌟

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