Hey Guys:

Look, I know that this is the third post of the day, but I couldn’t help but write this post now, because there’s some really exciting news for me.

LIFEOFBLIND HAS REACHED 1000 LIKES!!! [Again, not going to put 1000 !s, because I could so easily miscount, and you’d get really bored scrolling through pages of !s.]

I’m literally just freaking out right now, because I never thought this would happen. 500 likes seems literally just a week ago, and now I’ve reached 1000. I know that to some of you, this milestone is small, and unimportant, but to me… It’s like an early birthday present, or a late Christmas one. I can’t believe how accepting you’ve all been towards me, reading my crap and commenting; giving advice; laughing at my rubbish attempts at humour [note that as a brit, I can spell humour correctly!]. All of it adds up, and I can’t thank you all enough for all of your support. I’ve been blogging for 2 months today, and to think of the achievements I’ve made!

I know this all sounds super big-headed, but as I’ve said before and as i’ll say again, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of yourself – infact, it’s a positive skill to be able to self-praise. But ultimately, this whole thing comes down to you guys, and so I guess I owe you the biggest thank you. thank you for finding me when I was lost; thank you for taking me under your wings; thanks for reading; thanks for liking; thanks for commenting; thanks for following, and sharing, and everything you wonderful people do.

I love you


40 thoughts on “Overwhelming

      1. I do that every other week of the year 😉 I’ve genuinely been giving chocolate away because I’ve got so much! Nightmare haha

        Liked by 1 person

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