A Message for Elm

Hey Guys:

How are you this fine December morning? well, it’s morning here anyway, so it’s morning for all of you [just agree, OK? It’d make me happy]. I’m slightly doubtful to believe that my birthday is just TWO DAYS AWAY, and that’s bloody weird and wonderful and I just can’t…

Right, so a wonderful challenge has been set up by
Parisian Pages
to share the blogging love amongst girls in the Blogosphere. You may or may not have noticed that i’m not a girl, and therefore the challenge that she’s set up doesn’t strictly apply to me. However, I really thought that it was a good idea, and I wanted to get involved, and plus I’m a rebel, so I have. You can read all about the challenge itself
I haven’t used the blog tag, because this isn’t strictly part of the challenge, because I don’t meet the requirements, but I thought it was only right that I credited the blogger who inspired this post.

So here goes:

My friend, my inspiration, my aspiration: you’ve taught me so much and yet you don’t realise it. You’ve taught me to blog, although you’ll never know it. You’ve taught me to express myself, although you’ll never see that. You’ve taught me to have a dirty mind, although you’ll NEVER admit that!

I’m sure you’ll remember that you were the one who started me blogging, with your blog being my inspiration. By reading your blog, I knew that you had a talent for writing, and I can’t decline a upspoken challenge. Then, your blog was amazing. Now, your blog is truly inspirational, awe-inspiring and just bloody brilliant. I’m positive that you’re coming up with reasons why I shouldn’t thank you for helping me with this blog, so let me just clarify some reasons for you:
– You introduced me to blogging, to wordpress and to the word Blogosphere
– You helped me start my blog, from scratch, and told me how to set it up, explaining everything along the way
– You actually wrote about my blog on your blog, which is the primary reasons for me exceeding 100 followers – I mean let’s be honest, it’s not my writing skills!
– You’re still there for me, and get really excited at each mini-milestone [try saying that when you’re drunk…], even though to you, they’re just drops in the ocean

You and your blog have shown me how to express myself with words. I am, and always have been, one for bottling things up inside me, too afraid to share things for fear of judgement, or harsh criticism. By reading your blog, I’ve gained the courage to express myself through the power of words, as you do. I’ve gained the ability to explain how I feel, why I feel it and what has made me feel it, all through the power of a keyboard.

And so, onto you giving me a dirty mind. You know it’s true; I’d list some examples here, but I think WordPress would have my site down in about 3 seconds, maybe 2 if they’re on the ball! She’s not Mrs Innocent as she’d like her readers to believe – OH NO!

My final point, if you allow it, is just to say thank you. I’ve had friends who’ve betrayed me, left me. I’ve had break-ups and break-downs, and yet you’ve stuck by me, through thick and thin. Sure, we’ve had our fair share of fall-outs, but, without sounding cheche, I think that has just strengthened our friendship. We both know that things aren’t always sugar sweet, and I think that’s just made me appreciate you as a friend that extra bit more.

And one last thing, if I may?

You’re bloody fantastic, you know that?


45 thoughts on “A Message for Elm

  1. if she doesn’t already love you , this post would make her swoon . I love this so much ! so much love and positivity . thanks for participating 😀

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Indeed, although if she had a heart attack and died, she wouldn’t read to the end of this post… And that would be sad… Somehow, I have managed to turn a lovely post into a really morbid comment, so I will stop now 😂

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  2. Hey you,
    I just cried. I have no words; thank you so much. I wish I could articulate myself better right now, but I’m exhausted. Seriously, you’ve just made my week and I don’t know how to repay you for this. Thank you, you amazing boy.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Whow whow whow. I hope you’re not implying that Elm isn’t #goals material. Because if so I’ll fly right over to london and slap you silly just like I’m gonna do to Elm if she studies on New Year’s Eve a.k.a HER BIRTHDAY (and yours)

        Liked by 2 people

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