Life Will Ruin Me, I’m Sure of It

Hey Guys:

How are you? I haven’t started my posts with asking you guys how you are recently, because I thought you might have got bored of reading the same three three-letter words at the beginning of every post. I like to jazz things up, but now I thought that maybe you would be wondering if I still cared how you are, so I asked. I’m so kind, I know, there’s no need to thank me…

Today has been interesting, to say the least. I got up at 2pm. I need to stop staying up until the not-so-early hours, or else school next Tuesday is going to be, well, interesting. However, it’s my birthday on Thursday, so I suppose I can stay up on the night that goes into Thursday, to see in my birthday, and talk to the people who remember that it’s my birthday. I’ll rewrite that sentence: I’ll talk to nobody! Anyway, once I got up, I watched the Paddington movie on DVD, because I got it for Christmas. My mum really wanted to see it when it came out, and wanted to go with me on my birthday last year to see it in the cinema, but that would have been socially awkward and just a bit weird. It was a good film though, although if you choose the watch it, beware that it’s not all fun and laughter; I nearly cried [fine, take away the ‘nearly’] several times.

In my last post [I think] and in several comment replies to you lovely people, I promised an update on the ‘friend’ situation. I haven’t written it for a while, because:
A] I was too tired
B] I posted A LOT yesterday
C] I think I just wanted to think things through before I started writing it all down.

I’m ready now though. So, I left you, knowing that my friend had told everyone all sorts of crap [but true crap] about me to anyone and everyone by the sonds of things. Well, I confronted him [via text, because i’m a wimp] along with my other friend, who also seems to have had stuff about them spread about. Over a couple of days, he denied doing anything, until early Sunday morning, when he said that he ‘might’ have said something, but he wasn’t sure. In a moment of courage, I told him very bluntly that I wanted absolutely nothing to do with him again, and that he could lie until he was blue in the face, but I wasn’t having any of his crap. He was very accepting, which shows how much I really meant to him as a friend.

there’s a bit of this story that I haven’t written down here. This ‘friend’ has a crush on a girl who he has dated before, and gone out with, but who is not really interested in him anymore, due to how he treated her. This girl is now going out with my ‘friend’s’ ex-best friend. Both of these friends, who are going out, are friends of mine. they understand that the relationship between them is not going to be easy for my ‘friend’, and so have tried to make it as easy as possible for him. My ‘friend’ told his ex-best friend that if his ex-best friend did anything with this girl, my ‘friend’ wouldn’t mind so long as he was informed. He was informed, but is now posting statuses on social media, saying about how these two have tried to ‘ruin his life’. I understand why he may not want to talk to them, but blocking them on social media and spreading crap about them is uncalled for, to say the least.

So, my complicated social life… How do you think I feel, if you thought THAT was confusing?

I hope you’re well. I’m OK, and over this person; they’re not worth my time.


9 thoughts on “Life Will Ruin Me, I’m Sure of It

  1. Wow! that was a lot of drama, this so called friend sounds horrible, you did the right thing. There is no point staying friends with people who are mean and upset you. If you ever need to talk I am here. Xx

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  2. Good that you’re feeling better and let that friend go! And wow. Your social life is pretty complicated. I’m not really sure how I could give you any tips but hope it sorts it self out 🙂

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    1. Thank you for the support; I think I’m glad I did it, although I’m sure you’ll know what I mean when I say it just kinda feels a bit wrong, for some reason. Maybe because I’ve been such (supposedly) good friends with him, and now I’m not…

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      1. Yeah, I do get that it would feel kind of wrong. Like you might have a small feeling of wanting to be friends again. But trust me, it’s not good for you, he’s not good for you, so just try to let him go. x

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