Hey Guys:

How are you? I’m better than I was last night, well this morning. I’ve had a good day, and I think that it has cleared things in my mind a little, calmed me down.

I’ve spent my day with my family in Brighton. It’s actually been a brilliant day, despite everything, and I’m so grateful for that. We went to the beach, did some shopping, had lunch and just had a lovely walk. I’ll tell you about all of those in more detail now.

We left the house at about 08:30, which for Boxing Day is far too early, especially as I eventually crawled into bed at about 05:00 this morning, and got up at 07:00. Smart, L, smart. My parents opted to drive down, because there are major works on the trains between London and Brighton; we chanced upon a parking space too, which was lucky! Of course, being a family day out, it wouldn’t have been complete without at least one of us getting out the car in Brighton and saying: `I rally need the loo”. Put it this way: our day WAS complete; that should give you an idea of what came out of both my Mum’s and my own mouth when we got out of the car!

The beach in Brighton is pebbly, rather than sandy, but still lovely. The scent of sea-salt is so refreshing, and unique, and whenever I go to Brighton (which is fairly regularly, as I have a close friend down there), I realise how much I’ve missed that smell. Today was no exception, and I couldn’t resist taking a few steps towards the lapping tide, and allowing specs of sea-water to speckle my face, clothes and hair. If you’ve never experienced that feeling, I insist that next time you visit the seaside that you give it a go; it’s so relaxing, and feels so natural. The beach was quite quiet today; there’s usually a large number of tourists in Brighton. I suppose it’s Boxing Day, and not a common day for people to visit the beach, unless they’re a local. However much I love the beach when it’s busy, there’s a kind of still beauty to it, when it’s empty and silent, besides the sounds of birds and the gentle tide lapping at the shore.

After a coffee (I’m a teenager, you can’t blame me), we visited The Lanes. For those who don’t know, The Lanes are a reasonably famous collection of shops, and one of Brighton’s most famous landmarks. The shops are organised in lanes, hence the name, which are inaccessible to cars. The shops are all independent, primarily family businesses, filled with all sorts of merchandise. Some shops sell antiques, or valuables, other jewellery, yet more sell clothes, or plants, or just odd bits and bobs. I know nowhere else like it for shopping, and it’s just so different, so unique and so atmospheric, even on a quiet day like today. Unlike a high street, there’s always something new there that you haven’t seen before, always something new to explore, a new story to be heard, a new shop to discover. As I said, today it was quiet – almost dead -, but I think that makes it even better; those who you passed said `good morning”‘, or asked how you were. It’s one of my favourite places to spend my time in Brighton, and always will be.

Since it was Christmas yesterday, I wasn’t completely bankrupt for a change; I actually had a fair amount of money on me. As we drove down earlier in the day, I was thinking of things that I needed to get – not wanted (well, I wanted them too), but needed. It didn’t take long to think of a shoulder bag. Frequently, I travel independently on trains, and I have several bags I take. One is a sports bag, which I use (surprise surprise) for sports, but it’s just a little too big for just a training session, and is awkward to travel with. As well as this, I have a shoulder bag which I got last year for Christmas, which is perfect, but it’s beginning to break now; the shoulder strap has nearly detached on one side, meaning that I will soon have a bag with a long strip of fabric attached. Typically, it would have broken whilst I was out, travelling, and so to avoid that outcome, I decided to see if I could find a nice shoulder bag. Setting myself a budget of £20, I entered The Lanes with a purpose. (Oooh, this is getting a bit exciting, isn’t it?) It didn’t take long to find a shop that sold some lovely shoulder bags, and I picked one which was £25 (rebel). I also found another bag, which has a strap that goes around your waste and buckles up behind you, with a bag on front. I liked it because it’s safer for my phone and wallet, and since I travel in London a lot, theft is quite a big threat to me. This bag was £11.99, but I just couldn’t resist; I bought both bags, and got them for a discounted price of £35 in total.

In The Lanes, I found a wishing-whell, and I just couldn’t resist making a wish; I can’t tell you it, or it won’t come true! We also had a look around the main shops in Brighton, and took a look in a couple of clothes shop, before going to Pizza Hut. You can’t go wrong with a pizza, and I had a Barbecue Americano pizza, which consists of chicken, bacon, sweet corn and barbecue source on a pizza; it was delicious!

Whilst my mum and sister went clothes and house-stuff shopping in Churchill Square, Brighton’s shopping area, my dad and I had a walk on the seafront. It was actually very nice, although it was extremely windy! Again, that scent of the sea just reminds me how much I miss Brighton when I’m not there, and I swore to go back soon; as I said, one of my closest friends lives down there, so I have my excuse! Like the beach earlier on in the day, the seafront was fairly quiet, apart from the locals, which is lovely; it’s just so peaceful, without tourists rushing from place to place, cameras aloft, snapping shots as if their lives depend on it. Instead, parents and their children came out to the beach, and to the shops. Families were having fish and chips, and music was playing on the peer; oh how I’ll never tire of that place!

I’m writing this as we’re driving home; we’re almost there now, so I’ve timed this pretty well. Today has been such a fabulous, relaxing and beautiful day, and I think I needed it. My mind has cleared, and things just seem to make so much more sense now. My mum always says that the sea breeze `clears the cobwebs from your head”‘. When I was younger, I thought that this was just a load of crap, but now I’m beginning to think that there is actually some truth to it.

Thank you all for your supportive comments on my last post. Each and every one of them is appreciated, and it makes me feel so much better, knowing that there are people who understand me. I’ve come to no solid decision on what I’m going to do, but I think for now, that’s probably a good thing: I don’t want to rush into doing something that I haven’t thought through.

I love you all:


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