It’s Christmas… Right?

Hey guys:

HAPPY CHRISTMAS! I hope you’ve had a fabulous day, whether you celebrate Christmas or not. I do, and I’ve had a fantastic day; I’ll tell you all about it.

It’s been so relaxed, with just my parents, my sister and me in the house, along with the cats of course. First came present opening [I’ll speak more of in just a moment], and then breakfast, a sister-and-brother bonding activity [exciting, right?], lunch, some chill-time and some tea. It’s been brilliant, and I just couldn’t have wished for a better day.

As it started off my day, I feel I should start the description of my day by telling you what presents I got; here goes:
– An iPad Mini [my main presents from the parents]
– Slippers [always useful]
– trainers [they go up to the ankle, and are really comfortable]
– Socks [useful when there are trainers about…]
– A t-shirt [I’m waring it now]
– Black trousers [not jeans, but smart-casual, and again very comfortable]
– A wash bag [to hold bathroomy-type things when I go away]
– Smellies [shampoo, body wash, spray, hair wax…]
– A speaker pillow [a pillow with a speaker inside that you connect to your phone – it’s great]
– A shower speaker [a Bluetooth speakr that goes in your shower so you can perform to the invisible audience]
– Choclolate [loads of it; I don’t know how on earth i’m going to eat it by next Christmas]
– Spy DVD [spy is a comedy film here in the UK that I really wanted to see but never did]
– Paddington DVD [don’t judge me!]
– A mug [with a funny quote on it that I can’t write here as it would ruin my annominity]
– Oven Gloves [they’re really long and go up to my elbows, so I don’t burn my arms, which I’m scared of doing]
– Scarf [good in the winter]
– Hat [with a cute bobble on top, also good in the colder seasons]
– Gloves [they’re fingerless and unfingerless, depending on what I prefer on a certain day!]
– A coat [because I didn’t have a proper waterproof coat until now]
– A stress ball [shaped as a monkey – it’s awesome, and I really need one]
– An audio book [the first book in the Discworld series, which should be good]
– A minion iPad case [for the iPad, remember, at the top of the list?]
– £70 [not bad if you ask me, considering my birthday is next week too]

I think that’s pretty good going if you ask me, and i’m really pleased with all of it. I love the iPad, and the case, and the wash bag is really cool too!

We then had brekafst as a family. None of us really eat breakfast on a normal day, but today we went all out, with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon and toast; it was delicious. I’m not really a fan of fish, but smoked salmon is one of the few variations of fish that I approve of.

I mentioned a sister-and-brother bonding session: it was rather interesting. For Christmas, my parents bought my sister a new laptop [with my help in choosing one], and so I helped her set it up. I’m considered the technology genius in the house [why me?] and so I was asked to help. It was nothing too challenging, and as I write this, everything seems to be working well for her. That’s all good then; a job well done.

Lunch – oh my Goodness lunch… We had some prawn coctail and salad to start off with, and then Turkey, with potatoes, parsnips, cabbage and apple, pigs in blankets, stuffing, gravy and cramburry source. It was absolutely delicious, I tell you.

This afternoon has just mainly been chilling, playing with my new presents and talking to a couple of people. Ive had tea, although i’m completely stuffed: we had sausage rolls and bread and some cold turkey. The cat got quite jealous of us, but I didn’t give her any, however tempting it was. she’ll have some for her dindins tonight.

Tomorrow, we’re going to the beach [not my idea, the parents’]. It should be good though, although we’re leaving at 8am. 8, I tell you… I’m a teenager!

How was your Christmas? If you don’t celebrate it, how was your day? I hope it was good.

Speak soon:


25 thoughts on “It’s Christmas… Right?

    Wow gurl you got loads! Congrats! (Wait omg I’m confusing genders again. I remember that i mistook you once but I can’t remember if i thought you were a boy or girl. Oh well, consider gurl a unisex term)

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  2. Aw sounds like you had some lovely presents and I’m glad you had a really good day! Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! I hope you have a great time at the beach tomorrow!!
    ~Hafsa 😀

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