In the Spirit of Christmas Eve

Hey Guys:

Happy Christmas Eve! I know – the time has come where counting down the hours to Christmas day is perfectly acceptable.

I just wanted to write a quick post, with a couple of things. First, I’d just like to remind you all that there’s a guest post tomorrow, as a Christmas treat, from one of my favourite bloggers; I can’t wait for you to read it!

So, the spirit of Christmas Eve… I mean, let’s be honest, there are about three things that happen on Christmas Eve, that don’t happen at any other time of the year: The Mother gets REALLY stressed over a dead bird [turkey, in our case], and runs around brandishing a lump of butter, as if she is going to kill anyone who dares to step in her way; extremely old, crappy films from my childhood are aired at PRIME TIME on TV, making me really emotional [Toy story 3 particularly]; and more chocolate enters your house than you actually knew existed, and you feel that it’s necessary, as a public service, to help out the family by eating just a LITTLE bit… 5 boxes later…

Despite all of this, I love Christmas Eve; the atmosphere is unbeatable, and the excitement is just so lovely. There’s always Christmas comedy [my favourite] on catchup, and a nice cup of tea [or hot chocolate – but tea is, well, my cup of tea] waiting for you. The sound of laughter, whethr from the parents, the TV or people in the street, is all around, and you can never get enough of dressing cats in Santa hats – IT’S CUTE!

So, a short post, I know, but there’s a treat in store tomorrow with the guest post… I’m VERY excited! from me, however, I’d just like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas; I hope that you spend it with those you love, and that you get everything you want. Don’t forget: DO NOT GET IN THE WAY OF THE MOTHER WHEN THERE IS A TURKEY IN THE KITCHEN!

Love You All:


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