… And Breathe

Hey guys:

How are you? I’m OK – well rested, as I fell asleep at 5pm [yes, I know…] and woke up at 03:30am. A lovely night’s sleep!

Christmas is fast approaching. what do you mean you hadn’t noticed – IT’ CHRISTMAS EVE EVE, FOOL! Regardless, Christmas is a time for celebration, festivity and relaxation. Relaxation is the element I’d like to focus on here, because I think it’s important.

The year, in this case 2015, begins to come to an end around Christmas, and I think that the holiday season provides an excellent opportunity to relax after the year. Lots happens in a year, from school or work to family and friends ‘situations’, to the release of a new book, album from your favourite author, artist. And yet, all this happens so quickly, in the blink of an eye. You may not acknowledge it, but overall, years are very rarely relaxing, and although we like to say that we’re ‘relaxing’, how do you truly relax when there are 101 other things that really need doing?

And then there’s Christmas, the one time of year where there SEEMS to be no time to relax. Rushing round Tesco with your trolley and self-service scanner, getting your bag handle tangled with an OAPs arm, and dragging them behind you, them with their biscuits and teabags, and you with your turkey and wine – I never said how many bottles! Or that moment when you can’t find that one Christmas present you MUST give your friend [because it’s cheap], so you look for a shop assistant, and upon seeing a lone teenager, ask them, because all the shop assistants are teenagers, and why else would there be a lone teen in Tesco? Of course, they’re not a shop assistant, and you walk away ashamed, and just by your friend a pretty card, to which you can’t find the envelope… IT’S SO NOT RELAXING!

But it can be. Christmas day, specifically, when you are with family, or friends, or both. Christmas is a time to have fun, and laughing and sharing such a wonderful day is one of the best ways to relax. Staying in a place surrounded by people who love and care for you, being able to forget the stress of school and work and just enjoy the moment. That’s something special. Of course, not everyone likes being surrounded by people, whether they love them or not, and it’s not fair that they have to feel that way, and it’s also unfair that they’re forced to do the thing they hate. everyone should experience Christmas in the way that they love, and in a way that makes them comfortable.

I’ve got pins and needles…

How will you spend Christmas? Do you find it relaxing?


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