Capturing the Atmosphere of Christmas

Hey Guys:

How are we, blogospherians? This is ACTUALLY the second post I’ve written today, because I guest posted a little earlier, which you can read if you so desire
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This afternoon, I went to a small, independent cafe not too far from here. I was with a family friend, and we’d actually intended to go to Pizza Hut, until we discovered that the particular hut we visited ONLY did takeaways. So, we found this cute little sandwich shop / cafe place. It was very nice; I will certainly be going again. That’s beside the point though, because I wanted to write the one thing that changed about me whilst I was sat in that cafe.

Whilst I was having my tuna & cucumber baguette, the cafe workers were playing Christmas music. It felt very festive, this small, warm-but-not-too-hot room, with families and couples chatting excitedly and laughing together. The Christmas music in the background added an air of seasonal cheer, and added to the community feel of the cafe. And it was in that cafe, as I sipped my festive latte, that I finally felt Christmas spirit take hold of me.

This makes me pose the question: has the meaning of Christmas developed for me over time, and has this year been a big turning point? As a younger child, Christmas, as I’m sure it was for all of you, was about the presents, and the Christmas dinner; that’s pretty much it to be honest. And yet, the feeling of Christmas really struck me this year when I felt like I was in a community, with nice, sophisticated conversation, a cozy cafe to eat in with a festive atmosphere. Is that Christmas? Yes, the gifts are still exciting, but even this year, Christmas has seemed to be so much more than it was last year. No, I’m not in to religion, so I don’t think it’s that. Maybe this year, I’ve just grown up a lot, and acknowledged that Christmas and festivity is such a community-based concept.

And the best part? I still love Christmas. These new ideas seem just as appealing to me as before. I am still excited, but it just seems to have a bigger meaning now.

What do you think? Has Christmas evolved for you?


4 thoughts on “Capturing the Atmosphere of Christmas

  1. When I was little Christmas used to be all about the presents, like you mentioned. But now I love how it’s fun, get to spend time with family and friends, the love, the music, everything. It’s just a happy time 🙂


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