Maybe It’s Our Time

Hey Guys:

What’s going on? I hope you’re all Ok. I’ve had my hair cut today, and I’m sat at my laptop now, listening to the radio whilst my parents are downstairs and my sister’s at work.

Right, let me just clarify one thing: despite the title of this post, I’m not about to write a really inspirational why-don’t-we-rise-up-and-rebell kind of post. Do not worry, L is not going to be your next leader of an uprising; put it this way: an uprising led by me wouldn’t last long, and that’s not because we’d win quickly.

I often write about my issues regarding society, and therefore I will refrain from writing more of them here; you merely have to read a post to find the word ‘society’, ‘social’ or ‘socially’ written somewhere; it’s what I write about. We are the generation of humans, in my case from the 2000s, and yet I still have things to moan about, and in my opinion, moan about with good reason. I am [apparently] part of generation Z, shortened to gen Z. This means I was born between 1995-2015.

Whilst society has been around pretty much since the first animals, I’e only been here for a relatively insignificant number of years, and yet I find things to complain about. Maybe, now, it’s our time. Maybe it’s our time to change things. Sure, things have changed for the better in many cases: racism is socially unacceptable; women have the vote, and disabled people have equal rights. But things aren’t brilliant – nowhere near. Then, maybe it’s our generation – gen Z – who need to change the bad parts.

I’m not talking about a huge scale rebellion, because that rarely gets anyone anywhere, and causes more chaos, sending everything into pandemonium. I’m talking about those silent changes, those changes in mind, heart and soul. It only takes changes in actions and thoughts from a majority of individuals to change society as a whole.

TO clarify, i’m talking about changing people’s expectations, stereotypical views, anxieties and judgements. I’m talking about the things that seem small, but can have such a negative, frightening and miserable effect on people’s lives, especially those with physical or mental disabilities, or, in some places, those with different coloured skin.

Is this up to our generation now? Is it about time that these things were changed? We’ve been around for long enough now that we shouldn’t have these issues within our society, but as they exist, we shouldn’t ignore them.

What do you guys think? I’m excited to see what you have to say…


6 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Our Time

  1. Hmmm I belive that it is partly up to our generation, but that the younger ones have very different ideas than the older ones. Although we are from the same generation we want something much different than the ones who came before us. I’d like to think we’re the ones who want to see change and make it happen.

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  2. I think it’s partly up to us, but even within a generation there would be countless different ideas. But I think many of us are aiming for a similar goal, and it comes down to working together to achieve that. Either way I’d love to be a part of those changes, and see them happening.

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  3. Jeez you’re so right and inspirational. You’re completely right. It IS up to us to change our society for the better, cause our generation will be the next adults and be able to make changes and show society what it should be like.

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