Today Was an Eventful Day

Hey Guys:

festive greetings, blogospherians! I’m feeling FOC [Full on Christmas] tonight… ‘Tis the season, of course.

I’ve mentioned before that I very rarely write about what I’ve actually done in a specific day, so today, I’m going to do just that. It was quite an exciting day, so I’ll clarify now that by NO means is every day similar to the one I’m about to describe; if anything, this is one of the best days I’ve had in a while.

I had school this morning, but we broke up for the Christmas holidays [two weeks off school for Christmas, for the benefit of international readers] today, so the atmosphere was great. Naturally, we did absolutely no learning, instead participating in The Big Fat [French] Quiz of the Year. I think the French was only there to try and cover up the lack of work we were doing; there was nothing to do with French or france really. I then had a free period, so I watched some BBC iPlayer programs, with a cup of tea and some quality street [chocolates] provided by one of the teaching staff.

OH, BEFORE I FORGET… One of the staff who support me in lessons [’cause of the blindness thing…] gave me a £5 Costa gift card, totalling my Costa gift card balance to £10; I’m very pleased!

Anyway, back to the day. We had a form party after break, and watched YouTube [welcome to my first-class education], before the mandatory [boring] end of term assembly. Finally, hometime was upon me, and I rshed home to continue my busy day.

I got home, and frantically got changed into jeans and a Christmas jumper. Yes, the Christmas jumper makes a return in my life! I was going out to see one of my friends from another local school in town, and had to get the train there, but something else happened. One of my friends, from around 90 miles away told me that they were on the train that I was about to get on! It was great; we met up for the 5 minutes I was on the train, and it was so nice.

In town, I did a bit of walking, bought my friend and me hot chocolate [thanks Costa gift card] and bought a GIANT Christmas stocking. I thought maybe it would make Santa give me more presies… You can only try.

I also reached a certain point of sadness today. You know that things have just gone too far when you buy YOURSELF a chocolate orange. I don’t even mean the bags of chocolate orange segments; I mean a properly assembled chocolate orange. Times are tough guys, times are tough.

I met up with my sister, who’d also been in town with her friends, and we went back home. Then, it was tree decoration time! Yes, finally, we put up our Christmas tree; it’s only taken my parents a week or two too long to get it up, ready for accessories. Regardless, the loud music [essential for any tree decorating party] was found and my sister and I proceeded to decorate the tree. It’s all done now, and looking quite good, complete with lights and decorations.

Although I’ve started off my chocolate orange – and oh my is it good -, nothing exciting has really happened after the tree. Tomorrow, I think i’m going to go for a hair cut [I really need it], and I need to have some chill-out time, now that school is over for a couple of weeks.

I hope you guys found this interesting. I don’t usually write posts like this one, as I mentioned above; do you like it? Should I write more like this, or do you prefer my other posts? Let me know in the comments!


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